Schiavo controversy could be settled this week News
Schiavo controversy could be settled this week

[JURIST] The legal battle over Terri Schiavo [Wikipedia profile] could wrap up this week if either Florida's 2nd District Court of Appeals or the Pinellas Circuit Court act to end appeals in the dispute over the fate of the brain-damaged Florida woman. Both courts, which have previously upheld her right to die, are expected to issue rulings this week. Fifteen years ago, Schiavo collapsed and suffered severe brain damage. Her husband wants to carry out what he says are Terri's wishes and have her feeding tube disconnected. Terri's parent's have been fighting a seven-year legal battle to keep her alive. Florida courts have agreed that there is sufficient evidence that Terri would have rejected the feeding tube, but her parents have successfully prevented its removal. Governor Jeb Bush last year signed "Terri's Law" [PDF text], which empowered the governor to keep Terri alive [JURIST report], but it was later overturned as unconstitutional [JURIST report] The Orlando Sentinel has more.