Legal agenda and live webcasts ~ Wednesday, Jan. 26

Legal agenda and live webcasts ~ Wednesday, Jan. 26

[JURIST] Here's a run-down of law-related events, expected developments and live webcasts on JURIST's docket for Wednesday, Jan. 26.

On Capitol Hill, the US Senate [official website] will open its daily session at 9:30 AM ET. The Senate is expected to confirm Condoleezza Rice [VOA News report] as secretary of state today. A live webcast is available via C-SPAN. The US House [official website] begins its session at 10 AM ET, with a live webcast available via C-SPAN.

MO Gov. Matt Blunt [official website] will deliver his state of the state address today at 10:30 AM ET. SC Gov. Mark Sanford [official website] will also deliver a state of the state address at 7 PM ET.

The World Economic Forum [official website] will open its annual meeting today in Davos, Switzerland. The five-day event's theme is "Taking Responsibility for Tough Choices." Read a program of sessions. Watch a webcast of the event opening, and view a list of webcasts from the forum.

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and Vice-President Margot Wallstrom will hold a press conference outlining the strategic guidelines and legislative program for 2005. Watch a live webcast beginning at 5:30 PM local time [11:30 AM ET] from the European Commission.

The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly [official website] is holding its 2005 winter session this week. Watch a live webcast of proceedings.

The UN will hold an 11 AM ET press conference on electoral assistance to Iraq with Carina Perelli, director of the Electoral Assistance Division [official website]. Watch a live webcast of the press conference.

At the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, trials continue today for Slobodan Milosevic [ICTY case backgrounder] and Fatmir Limaj and others [ICTY case backgrounder]. A webcast of the Milosevic trial will begin at 9:30 AM local time [3:30 AM ET], and a webcast of the Limaj trial is scheduled for 2:45 PM local time [8:45 AM ET].

The Heritage Foundation is hosting a forum called "The Constitutional Treaty: The Future of Europe?" A live webcast of the event is available beginning at 12 PM ET.