Guantanamo detainees tell lawyers of abusive conditions News
Guantanamo detainees tell lawyers of abusive conditions

[JURIST] Defense lawyers representing 12 Kuwaiti nationals [Project Kuwait Freedom profiles] detained in Guantanamo Bay said Wednesday that their clients looked emaciated and had complained of abuse, including physical abuse, torture and humiliation. The attorneys, Kristine Huskey and Thomas Wilner, made the observations after their first interviews with the detainees since the US Supreme Court ruled in Rasul v. Bush [PDF] last June that the prisoners had the right to contest their detention. Huskey commented that the men were startlingly thin and stated all claimed to have been taunted by guards and denied medical treatment. A Pentagon spokesperson said the prisoners were given regular meals and are provided with excellent health care. In addition, the Army claimed that some of the more aggressive techniques used against the detainees disclosed in 2002 FBI memos [JURIST report] have been stopped. AP has more.