Australian Guantanamo detainee freed News
Australian Guantanamo detainee freed

[JURIST] Mamdouh Habib [background from Prisoners without Trials], an Australian who has been held for the last 3 years at the terror suspect detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, returned home to Australia Friday. Habib was arrested in Pakistan in 2001, accused of assisting al-Quaeda and having prior knowledge of the September 11 terrorist attacks. His release was announced two weeks ago but alleged logistical problems initially complicated his return. Habib's lawyer has recently reiterated public accusations of torture [JURIST report] at Gitmo, contradicting the results of an official US Defense Department report [DOD summary, PDF; JURIST report]. Despite his release, Habib is likely to remain of interest to security officials, and travel restrictions are likely. Read the DOD press release on Habib's transfer to Australia. BBC News has more. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation provides local coverage.