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UPDATE ~ Ukraine Supreme Court adjourns without deciding election case
UPDATE ~ Ukraine Supreme Court adjourns without deciding election case

[JURIST] Updating an earlier report in JURIST's Paper Chase, the Ukrainian Supreme Court adjourned Thursday without ruling on the opposition's election fraud case, as had previously been anticipated. The court did, however, begin hearing final arguments in the appeal, and will continue to do so Friday. AP has more. Opposition leaders are hoping that the court will set aside the presidential run-off of November 21 as invalid, and will either name opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko president or at the very least open the way for some kind of revote. Indirect pressure on the court increased Thursday as prominent opposition politician Yulia Tymoshenko intimated ominously that the pro-opposition crowds now in the streets of Kyiv could yet take matters into their own hands:

Regarding what is to be done if the Supreme Court does not rule that the election was fraudulent, Tymoshenko stated, "It does not matter whether it suits the politicians or not. What is important is whether it suits the people."

"If the Court does not decide that the election was a fraud, I think that the people will take that very badly, and the actions of the people will be difficult to control."

The Maidan activist website in Kyiv has a full English translation of the article from Ukrayinska Pravda.