FBI agent indicted for tipping-off suspects News
FBI agent indicted for tipping-off suspects

[JURIST] Denise K. Woo, a 45 year old former FBI agent, has been indicted on five criminal counts for tipping-off a suspect under investigation and lying to other FBI agents. Woo's indictment revealed that the FBI was conducting a national security probe on a Chinese-American man suspected of collecting information as an employee of a defense contractor and subsequently passing it to the Chinese government. Woo's attorney, Mark Holscher, stated Friday that "Denise Woo was forced to assist in an espionage investigation of an innocent man, and the FBI unfortunately has sought to criminalize her efforts to prevent a terrible tragedy." In a similar case earlier this year, another member of the FBI Chinese counterintelligence unit was indicted for allowing sensitive documents to come into the possession of an alleged Chinese double agent. AP has more.