UK legislative agenda to focus on security issues News
UK legislative agenda to focus on security issues

[JURIST] Presenting the legislative agenda for the 2004-2005 session of Parliament, the British government has pledged to introduce "legislation to increase security for all." In the Queen's speech, read Tuesday morning, proposals to create a "British FBI," introduce a national ID card system and extend the taking of DNA samples from prisoners were announced. A draft counter-terrorism bill, which is expected to include no-jury terrorism trials, was also included on the list of expected bills (JURIST's Paper Chase has background on the proposed counter-terrorism bill). The Serious Organised Crime Agency, modeled after the FBI, would replace several current agencies and would investigate drug and people trafficking, fraud and internet crimes. The Guardian has more on the Queen's speech and additional detail on the proposed FBI-style agency. The Guardian also has the full text of the Queen's speech and the main points of the speech from BBC News.