Oklahoma couples file gay marriage ban suit News
Oklahoma couples file gay marriage ban suit

[JURIST] In the wake of Tuesday's election, which saw 11 states ban gay marriage, two Oklahoma lesbian couples have filed a federal lawsuit challenging both their state's ban and the federal Defense of Marriage act. The plaintiffs–one couple that has cohabited for eight years and another that was joined in a Vermont civil union in 2001–argue that the state ban violates equal protection and due process rights. In addition to those issues, an analysis by the Washington, D.C. Ballot Initiative Strategy Center suggests that the gay-marriage bans in Oklahoma, Ohio and Georgia may all be vulnerable to the same challenge that caused Louisiana's ban to be struck down last month, in that the ballot question addressed more than one issue. For further insight into the position of Oklahoma legislators on the issue of same-sex marriage, read this resolution introduced in response to the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage in that state, and the House bill that led to the ballot initiative. AP has more.