Bush confirms Gonzales nomination as Attorney General
Bush confirms Gonzales nomination as Attorney General

[JURIST] In an announcement in the Roosevelt Room of the White House Wednesday afternoon President Bush confirmed that he has nominated White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales to succeed John Ashcroft as US Attorney General. Initial word of the nomination came from White House sources talking to Associated Press this morning (see this previous report in JURIST's Paper Chase). AP has more on this afternoon's formal announcement.

4:40 PM ET – A transcript of President Bush's remarks at the nomination announcement is now online from the White House. The President said:

Serving as Attorney General is one of the most challenging duties in our government. As the nation's chief law enforcement officer, Al will continue our administration's great progress in fighting crime, in strengthening the FBI, in improving our domestic efforts in the war on terror. As a steward of civil rights laws, he will ensure that Americans are protected from discrimination so that each person has the opportunity to live the American Dream, as Al himself has done.
In his own responding remarks, Gonzales declared:
As a former judge, I know well that some government positions require a special level of trust and integrity. The American people expect and deserve a Department of Justice guided by the rule of law, and there should be no question regarding the Department's commitment to justice for every American. On this principle, there can be no compromise.
Read the full text of both statements here.