BREAKING NEWS ~ Ukraine parliament declares disputed election invalid News
BREAKING NEWS ~ Ukraine parliament declares disputed election invalid

[JURIST] BBC News is reporting that in an extraordinary Saturday session the Ukrainian parliament has declared the disputed presidential election of last Sunday invalid.

9:10 AM ET – Radio Free Europe now has more. A wire story in the Kyiv Post notes that "the legislators' move was not legally binding, but was a clear demonstration of rising dissatisfaction." The parliament has issued a news release on today's vote here (in Ukrainian).

5:36 PM ET – The Kyiv Post has published an English-language analysis of where the election crisis stand politically and legally as of the evening of November 27, noting that opposition leader Yushchenko

has been fighting his way to power along several routes, in addition to taking advantage of the massive street demonstrations that have rocked Ukraine, and of his growing support in the government.

One of Yushchenko’s options is appealing to the Supreme Court of Ukraine. The appeals surgically target specific polling stations where massive election fraud allegedly took place in favor of presidential contender and Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych.

If the Supreme Court accepts his complaints, Yushchenko could be declared president-elect even if the second-round Nov. 21 vote is not legally voided.

The Post has more here.