Ohio Nader ballot ruling [Ohio SC] News
Ohio Nader ballot ruling [Ohio SC]

Blackenship et al. v. Blackwell, Secy. of State, et al., Ohio Supreme Court, October 22, 2004 [rejecting the Nader campaign's petition to have the state election board review voter registration lists to validate election petitions to put Nader on the Ohio ballot]. Excerpt:

Relators failed to act with the requisite diligence in asserting their claims. Instead, they delayed at least 31 days before raising their claim concerning unprocessed voter registration applications and about four months before challenging the constitutionality of statutory requirements for petition circulators…. Moreover, granting relators' requested relief at this late date would endanger Ohio's election preparations.

Read the full text of the opinion here [PDF]. Reported in JURIST's Paper Chase here.