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JURIST creates multimedia material under two production umbrellas:

  • JURISTvision (video hosted by YouTube and Instagram/IGTV); and
  • JURISTvoices (audio hosted by SoundCloud)

JURIST multimedia content takes several programming forms, ranging from webinars to interviews to dispatches from JURIST’s legal correspondents in the field. More content in more forms is coming. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out these highlights from JURIST’s multimedia programming on various international and US legal topics over the past year.

Myanmar Coup

After the military coup in Myanmar on February 1, 2021, JURIST law student staff in India interviewed law students on the ground in Myanmar about the developing situation there. These interviews were conducted on February 10 and February 15, respectively. The identities of the Myanmar law students were protected for security reasons.

Soon after the military coup, JURIST’s team of law students in Myanmar began creating videos documenting the situation in their country. The first of these videos was made several days after the February 1 coup.

As the coup continued, JURIST’s Myanmar law student team set out to create a series of videos explaining the coup and popular protests against it. So far they have produced three Episodes of “2021 Myanmar Spring Revolution”. Additional episodes are in production and will be posted here.

This is audio from one of our Myanmar law students describing what happened when she and others were at an anti-coup protest in Mandalay that was violently broken up by Myanmar junta security forces on March 7, 2021.

India COVID Crisis

When the COVID-19 second wave hit India in May 2021, JURIST’s law student staff in India began documenting aspects of the crisis affecting Iadian lawyers and the Indian courts.

This audio from May 1, 2021 describes an early effort by one enterprising Indian law student to provide co-ordinating help that was ultimately shut down by the government.

In this audio from May 12, one of JURIST’s Myanmar law students interviews a member of JURIST’s India staff about the situation in India during the COVID-19 second wave.

On June 12, 2021, JURIST India Staff Correspondent Neelabh Bist did this video interview with Uttarakhand advocate and social activist Abhijay Negi on the impact of the Covid-19 second wave on India’s legal profession and judiciary.

Diploma Privilege

JURIST played a significant role in the nationwide conversation about the future of the bar exam that took place among American law students in the COVID-colored summer of 2020. On July 11, 2020, JURIST hosted a webinar featuring prominent advocates of the diploma privilege option for recent law school graduates.

JDS Speaker Series

In the summer of 2020, JURIST launched the first edition of its JURIST Digital Scholars incubator program, designed to identify, cultivate and promote rising interdisciplinary talent at the crossroads of law, technology and public policy. The program sponsored a variety of webinars and events. This is the first episode in the Summer 2020 JURIST JDS Speaker Series, featuring the editors-in-chief of the student-edited law and technology journals at Yale, Stanford and Harvard law schools, discussing how to study law and technology in graduate school.

JURIST Programming

On February 26, 2021 the staff of JURIST’s law student chapter at Vermont Law School produced this webinar on payment for ecosystem services, and its place in environmental law.

On Tuesday, March 2, JURIST staff members gathered for a talk about what happens when journalism and populism collide, featuring JURIST’s 2020-21 Journalist in Residence, Jane Singer from City University, London (UK).

JURIST celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2021 with a series of virtual special events. In this March 11 conversation, JURIST welcomed back a number of academic contributors who over the ears have been prominent voices in our Commentary service.

In this IGTV production from September 10, 2020, Indian Khushali Mahajan of JURIST’s India staff interviewed Kashish Makkar, the Editor in Chief of National Law school of India Review (NLSIR) and the Founding Editor of Law School Policy Review (LSPR). They discussed legal writing and law reviews in India.


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CBC Radio audio from The Current, May 31, 2021, introducing an interview with JURIST Publisher & Editor-in-Chief Professor Bernard Hibbitts and one of JURIST’s Myanmar law students on the unfolding situation in that country and JURIST’s on-the-ground coverage of events.