Ryzhova [Kyiv]: Report from Ukraine Commentary
Ryzhova [Kyiv]: Report from Ukraine

Anna Ryzhova, Kyiv, Ukraine:

"Three events featured on Ukraine's political landscape yesterday, all of which went someway towards resolving the political impasse brought on by the scandalous Presidential election.

First, the Parliament of Ukraine agreed to hold its extraordinary meeting on Dec 7th for solving the current political crisis. Second, although Victor Yanukovych, one of the two presidential candidates, was seriously expected to drop the presidantial campaign in the revote, he appeared on two TV channels to declare that he had no intention of withdrawing from the race. In his speach, Mr. Yanukovych separated himself from the "old power", which, in fact, includes Mr. Kuchma and other officials who have brought Yanukovych his Premier chair and almost made him a president.Third, the round table of Messrs. Yushchenko and Yanukovych, President Kuchma and Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn, as well as a number of foreign intermediaries, took place yesterday. Unfortunately, as reported the two major conflicting points, i.e. the resignation of the Cabinet and Constitutional reform, have not been resolved yet. The round table participants, however, have agreed upon that the President should dismiss the Central Election Commission and sign the amendments to the presidential elections law. Today, on Dec 7th, the Parliament is expected to vote on the package of Constitutional and electoral laws." [December 7, 2004 – special to JURIST; Anna Ryzhova is an Associate in the Kyiv office of Hunton & Williams]

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