Podgor [Georgia State]: The Latest on Martha Stewart: Who is Being Punished? Commentary
Podgor [Georgia State]: The Latest on Martha Stewart: Who is Being Punished?

Ellen Podgor, Georgia State University College of Law:

"While Martha Stewart remains incarcerated, the world is continuing outside the prison grounds of "camp cupcake." The latest, according to Reuters, is that Martha Stewart will star in a new TV show upon her release. It sounds from the Wall Street Journal article like the new "cooking and crafts show" has a strong base  in that she "will team with reality-show impresario Mark Burnett, creator of such hits as 'Survivor' and 'The Apprentice.'" And yes stock in "Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc." is up.  So not everything that happens while in prison is a negative.

But there can be  problems that present themselves to inmates, especially  the white collar inmates who have financial and property interests that cannot be managed while they remain incarcerated.  This is seen in another recent Reuter's article about Martha Stewart.  This one tells the sad story of her missing a property tax payment while she remains incarcerated. 

Sometimes the individuals who are penalized the most in white collar cases are the family and friends on the outside who need to handle all the financial and personal issues for the individual who is incarcerated.  I always wonder – who is being punished?" [December 9, 2004; White Collar Crime Prof Blog has the post]

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