Solomon [Yale]: Confessions of an Unwitting Accessory Commentary
Solomon [Yale]: Confessions of an Unwitting Accessory

Ian Solomon, Yale Law School:

"Could we have been so naive? Thousands of the country's most credentialed lawyers flocked to Florida to guarantee a fair election. Did we inadvertently miss an election debacle even greater than that of 2000 and negligently allow our client to concede?

I am a Kerry supporter and a Bush critic. I went to Florida because my mother, a Florida resident, asked me to help protect the right of all citizens to vote and to ensure that all votes counted. I walked the polling lines for early voting in Daytona Beach, distributing sample ballots and helping citizens understand their rights. I tried to ensure that poll workers obeyed the laws about provisional ballots and that ballots were correctly fed through the optical scanner machines. And by my presence, along with other Democratic lawyers, I lent an air of legitimacy to the voting process, which, by and large, seemed fair enough.

But one thing really troubled me: Who was checking to make sure the data contained in the digital memory cards actually matched the voters' intentions marked on the paper ballots? Could we take the accurate counting of computer votes for granted, since the CEO of the leading voting machine manufacturer promised to "deliver" Ohio's electoral votes for Bush?…." [November 15, 2004; Yale Law School @YLS has more]

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