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US Voting Rights Timeline

6/25/2013: Supreme Court struck down part of Voting Rights Act.

6/17/2013: Supreme Court struck down Arizona voter proof of citizenship requirement.

5/30/2013: Wisconsin appeals court ruled voter ID law was constitutional.

5/3/2013: Florida legislature passed bill to extend early voting.

4/1/2013: Arkansas legislature overrode governor’s veto of voter ID bill.

3/25/2013: Arkansas governor vetoed voter ID legislation.

3/25/2013: Virginia governor signed voter ID bills into law

3/19/2013: Arkansas senate approved voter ID bill

3/18/2013: Supreme Court heard arguments on voter citizenship requirements

2/27/2013: Supreme Court heard arguments on Voting Rights Act

2/15/2013: Virginia senate approved bills limiting acceptable voter ID

2/15/2013: Pennsylvania voter ID law suspended for primary election

2/5/2013: Virginia lawmakers approved bill to limit acceptable voter ID documents

11/9/2012: Supreme Court granted certiorari to hear arguments on the Voting Rights Act

10/16/2012: Supreme Court rejected Ohio early voting appeal

10/25/2012: Tennessee appeals court upheld state voter ID law

10/15/2012: Supreme Court granted certiorari in Arizona voter eligibility case

10/13/2012: Ohio Attorney General filed response urging Supreme Court to hear early voting appeal

10/12/2012: President Obama urged Supreme Court to reject Ohio early voting appeal

10/10/2012: Federal court allowed South Carolina voter ID law to take effect in 2013

10/9/2012: Ohio attorney appealed early voting to Supreme Court

10/4/2012: Federal judge allowed Florida to proceed with voter roll purge

10/2/2012: Mississippi voter ID law delayed pending federal review

10/2/2012: Pennsylvania judge blocked voter ID law for upcoming election

9/27/2012: Tennessee court rejected voter ID challenge

9/24/2012: Federal judge dismissed challenge to Florida early voting law amendment

9/24/2012: Supreme Court added six cases, reversed West Virginia redistricting ruling

9/19/2012: Supreme Court denied request to block use of Texas election district maps

9/18/2012: Pennsylvania Supreme Court remanded voter ID case to lower court

9/13/2012: Pennsylvania high court heard arguments on voter ID law

9/10/2012: Ohio filed appeal to early voting decision

9/4/2012: DOJ allowed New Hampshire voter ID law

8/31/2012: Federal judge ordered Ohio to allow early voting three days prior to election

8/30/2012: Federal court rejected Texas voter ID law

8/28/2012: Federal judge partially blocked Florida voter registration law

8/28/2012: Federal court ruled Texas voting map discriminatory

8/27/2012: Federal court heard oral arguments on South Carolina voter ID law

8/27/2012: Federal judge blocked Ohio law discarding provisional ballots cast in wrong precinct

8/27/2012: Minnesota Supreme Court allowed voter ID question on November ballot

8/23/2012: Pennsylvania Supreme Court expedited challenge to state voter ID law

8/21/2012: Alaska filed lawsuit challenging Voting Rights Act

8/21/2012: Wisconsin AG asked state Supreme Court to reinstate voter ID law

8/20/2012: DOJ approved Virginia voter ID law

8/18/2012: Federal court denied Florida attempt to limit early voting days

8/15/2012: Pennsylvania judge refused to block voter ID law

8/10/2012: Judge heard challenge to conflicting Florida voting laws

8/3/2012: Texas AG appealed block of voter registration law

7/30/2012: Federal judge struck down Virginia third-party candidate election law

7/26/2012: Alabama asked federal court to approve redistricting plan

7/23/2012: DOJ announced investigation of Pennsylvania voter ID law

7/20/2012: US Supreme Court urged to hear challenges to Voting Rights Act

7/17/2012: Second Wisconsin judge found voter ID law unconstitutional

7/17/2012: The Brennan Center for Justice found that voter ID laws placed substantial burden on right to vote

7/14/2012: Florida was granted access to federal database in effort to purge state voter rolls

7/9/2012: Federal court heard Texas challenge to Voting Rights Act

7/3/2012: Michigan governor vetoed voter identification legislation

6/4/2012: DOJ announced monitoring of Wisconsin recall election to prevent voter fraud

5/18/2012: Virginia governor signed voter ID bill

4/4/2012: The Center for American Progress reported voter ID laws are form of voter suppression

3/14/2012: Pennslyvania governor signed voter ID law

3/12/2012: Wisconsin voter ID law ruled unconstitutional

2/23/2012: Rights groups brought new challenge against Wisconsin voter ID law

2/6/2012: South Carolina sued federal government over blocked voter ID law

8/26/2011: South Carolina Democrats protested voter ID law to DOJ

12/13/2011: ACLU challenged Wisconsin voter ID law\

11/8/2011: Mississippi passed voter ID requirement

8/5/2011: South Carolina voter ID law challenged by civil rights groups

8/25/2011: Arizona sued federal government over Voting Rights Act

6/17/2011: Missouri governor vetoed voter ID legislation

3/7/2011: Georgia Supreme Court upheld voter ID law

10/26/2010: Ninth Circuit struck down Arizona voter registration law

1/5/2010: Ninth Circuit struck down Washington felon voter disenfranchisement law

3/9/2009: US Supreme Court ruled in Bartlett v. Strickland

5/30/2008: Federal court upheld key Voting Rights Act provision

7/27/2006: US President George W. Bush signed bill extending Voting Rights Act

6/21/2006: House GOP leaders delay Voting Rights Act renewal over southerners’ balk

6/30/1986: Thornburg v. Gingles decided by US Supreme Court

3/7/1966: US Supreme Court upheld preclearance regime in South Carolina v. Katzenbach

8/6/1965: Voting Rights Act signed into law by US President Lyndon B. Johnson

3/30/1870: Fifteenth Amendment ratified.