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The Syrian Civil War Timeline
The Syrian Civil War Timeline

6/14/2013: UN rights council condemned foreign military involvement in Syria

6/13/2013: UN rights office announced that Syria death toll had reached at least 93,000

6/4/2013: UN panel reported that war crimes were escalating in Syria

6/1/2013: UN Secretary General called for protection of civilians in Syria

5/29/2013: UN rights council condemned Syria attacks, foreign fighters

5/27/2013: UN human rights chief criticized rights violations in Syria

5/17/2013: HRW found evidence of torture, arbitrary detention in Syria government centers

5/15/2013: UN General Assembly adopted resolution calling for political transition in Syria

5/14/2013: UN rights chief urged Syrian rebels to end war crimes depicted in video

5/13/2013: Red Cross claimed Syria aid was hampered by disregard for rules of war

5/10/2013: UN rights chief called for international action in Syria

5/6/2013: Federal appeals court blocked Florida law barring contracts with Cuba, Syria businesses

4/16/2013: Syria president reduced prison sentences of rebel fighters

4/10/2013: HRW condemned aerial attacks in Syria

3/21/2013: UN SG announced probe into Syria chemical weapons

3/16/2013: HRW claimed Syria military was using banned cluster bombs against civilians

2/18/2013: UN claimed both sides on Syria conflict guilty of war crimes

2/12/2013: UN rights chief claimed Syria death toll was rising and urged Security Council to take action

2/4/2013: Lebanon judge issued arrest warrant for top Syria intelligence official

1/23/2013: Turkish Foreign Minister urged world to declare Syria attacks on citizens war crimes

1/18/2013: UN rights officials warned that indiscriminate violence was worsening aid situation in Syria

1/4/2013: Saudi Arabia, Egypt called for peaceful handover in Syria

1/2/2013: UN rights office claimed more than 60,000 killed in Syria conflict

11/2/2012: UN claimed Syria execution video may show war crimes

10/19/2012: UN Secretary-General called for Syria ceasefire for Muslim holiday

10/18/2012: UN rights chief urged world powers to help end Syria uprisings

10/14/2012: HRW claimed that Syria military was using banned cluster bombs

10/4/2012: AI urged Syria to release detained human rights lawyer

9/28/2012: UN rights body extended mission of independent panel in Syria

9/17/2012: HRW reported about Syria opposition committing war crimes

9/17/2012: UN investigators testified about increasing human rights violations in Syria

9/7/2012: UN called for increased humanitarian aid in Syria

9/5/2012: UN SG accused Syria government and rebels of rights violations

8/27/2012: UN chief called for immediate investigation into civilian deaths in Daraya, Syria

8/16/2012: UN announced conclusion to Syria observer mission

8/13/2012: UN expressed concern about increasing violence in Syria

8/3/2012: UN General Assembly passed resolution condemning Syria

8/1/2012: UN called for end to Syria violence in preparation for civilian food assistance

8/1/2012: AI claimed Syria forces guilty of crimes against humanity

7/29/2012: International bodies expressed concern over ongoing violence in Syria

7/27/2012: UN rights chief called for protection of civilians in Syria

7/25/2012: AI claimed that Syria government, opposition forces committed extrajudicial executions

7/24/2012: Florida Governor announced he would appeal allowing contracts with Cuba, Syria businesses

7/23/2012: UN SG warned Syria against use of chemical weapons

7/20/2012: Security Council extended UN mandate for Syria

7/16/2012: UN official claimed Syria civilian casualties may amount to war crime

7/14/2012: UN confirmed attack on Syria civilians

7/13/2012: UN Secretary General expressed concern about violence in Syria

7/12/2012: HRW claimed Syria forces were using cluster munitions

7/11/2012: Rights group reported sexual assault a weapon in Syria violence

7/11/2012: UN was urged to extend mission to Syria

7/9/2012: Syria president agreed to UN peace plan

7/5/2012: UN military official reported Syria committed to ending violence

7/3/2012: HRW claimed Syria was torturing prisoners in secret facilities

7/2/2013: UN rights chief renewed call to refer Syria to ICC

7/2/2012: UN official applauded Turkey for treatment of Syrian refugees, called for respect of all migrants

6/30/2012: UN Action Group released peace plan for transition in Syria

6/25/2012: Federal judge blocked Florida law barring contracts for business tied to Cuba, Syria

6/15/2012: HRW reported Syria used sexual violence as torture

6/9/2012: Syria president agreed to UN peace plan

6/4/2012: Brazil company challenged Florida ban on business dealings with Cuba, Syria

6/3/2012: Syria president condemned Houla massacre, denied involvement

5/31/2012: Syria government released 500 detained protesters

5/29/2012: UN rights office claimed Syrian women, children executed

4/23/2012: Obama order allowed sanctions for using technology to violate human rights

4/14/2012: UN Security Council unanimously called for end to violence in Syria

4/9/2012: HRW reported Syria government forces executed civilians

3/20/2012: HRW claimed Syria opposition groups have tortured government supporters

2/26/2012: Syria held constitutional referendum

2/20/2012: Syria published draft constitution prior to national referendum

1/28/2012: Arab League suspended Syria monitoring mission

1/5/2012: Syria released more than 500 prisoners as part of Arab League agreement

12/15/2011: HRW claimed Syria officials ordered civilian attacks, called for ICC investigation

11/25/2011: UN rights panel asked Syria for report on child torture allegations

11/4/2011: Syria offered amnesty to insurgents who surrendered

10/14/2011: UN rights chief called for international protection of Syria civilians

10/11/2011: Syria rejected calls to join ICC

8/31/2011: Amnesty International reported that Syria protests led to deaths of at least 88 detainees

8/28/2011: Syria president issued new law on media

8/19/2011: Lebanon tribunal announced investigation of bomb attacks related to Hariri case

8/18/2011: UN reported that Syria forces may be committing crimes against humanity

8/9/2011: Report claimed unknown western nation was funding investigation of Syria

7/26/2011: France rights groups sought to freeze Syria president al-Assad’s foreign assets

7/24/2011: Syrian government approved draft law that would allow political party formation

6/21/2011: Syria president al-Assad granted amnesty for crimes committed during protests

6/20/2011: Syria president promised reform, alleged conspiracy

6/15/2011: UN rights body urged investigation of Syria abuses

6/10/2011: UN urged Syria to grant freedom of speech to citizens, journalists

6/9/2011: UN rights chief urged Syria to stop violence against its people

5/31/2011: Syria president granted amnesty for political prisoners

4/29/2011: UN rights council condemned Syria violence

4/25/2011: UN rights chief urged halt to Syria killings

4/21/2011: Syria ended 48-year emergency rule

4/19/2011: Syria lawmakers approved bill to end 48-year state of emergency

4/16/2011: Syrian president announced emergency laws would be lifted

4/12/2011: HRW claimed Syria forces were preventing access to medical care for protesters

3/31/2011: Syria president formed committee to consider ending emergency law

3/26/2011: UN rights chief condemned Syria for repression of protesters

3/24/2011: Assad adviser announced that government was considering lifting emergency law

3/22/2011: UN rights office expressed concerned over violence in Bahrain, Syria, Yemen

3/13/2011: Syria military court jailed activist accused of harming Iran relations

12/1/2011: UN rights chief claimed more than 4,000 dead in Syria conflict

6/15/2011: UN rights body urged investigation of Syria abuses

2/8/2011: Syria lifted ban on social media sites Facebook, YouTube

2/8/2011: HRW claimed Arab protestors faced violent crackdowns by their governments

7/4/2010: Syria court imprisoned lawyer for campaigning against emergency rule