Same-Sex Marriage Timeline Archives
Same-Sex Marriage Timeline

11/14/2013: Hawaii legalized same-sex marriage.

11/8/2013: Idaho couples filed same-sex marriage lawsuit.

11/7/2013: Hawaii judge refused to block same-sex marriage legalization.

11/5/2013: Illinois House voted to legalize same-sex marriage.

10/30/2013: Colorado couple sought to overturn state ban on same-sex marriage.

10/30/2013: Hawaii Senate approved same-sex marriage bill.

10/29/2013: Missouri high court denied same-sex partner survivor benefits.

10/15/2013: Oregon couples challenged same-sex marriage ban.

10/14/2013: North Carolina official to begin accepting same-sex marriage licenses.

10/10/2013: New Jersey judge denied state’s motion to halt same-sex marriages.

9/27/2013: Illinois judge permitted same-sex marriage cases to go to trial.

9/18/2013: US to begin recognizing all same-sex marriages for employee benefit purposes.

9/12/2013: Pennsylvania judge ordered clerk to stop issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

9/10/2013: Lawsuit challenged Kentucky same-sex marriage ban.

8/29/2013: US to begin recognizing all same-sex marriages for federal tax purposes.

8/27/2013: New Mexico judge ruled same-sex marriage legal.

8/23/2013: Texas Supreme Court to rule on same-sex divorce.

8/14/2013: California Supreme Court ended legal challenges to same-sex marriage.

8/14/2013: US military will provide equal benefits to same-sex spouses.

8/2/2013: US to begin processing same-sex visa applications.

7/22/2013: Federal judge ruled in favor of Ohio same-sex couple married out-of-state.

7/16/2013: California high court rejected request to halt same-sex marriages.

7/11/2013: Pennsylvania AG will not defend same-sex marriage ban.

6/30/2013: Supreme Court justice refused to block California same-sex marriages

6/29/2013: Proposition 8 backers filed petition to halt same-sex weddings

6/28/2013: Ninth Circuit lifted California’s ban on same-sex marriage

6/28/2013: Federal judge blocked Michigan’s ban on domestic partner benefits

6/27/2013: Supreme Court issued final orders of term

6/26/2013: California governor ordered marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples

6/26/2013: Supreme Court struck down DOMA and dismissed Proposition 8 appeal

6/6/2013: New Mexico AG stated that state law does not necessarily allow same-sex marriage

5/14/2013: Minnesota governor signed same-sex marriage bill into law

5/13/2013: Minnesota senate approved same-sex marriage bill

5/9/2013: Minnesota House approved same-sex marriage bill

5/7/2013: Delaware governor signed same-sex marriage bill into law

5/3/2013: Iowa high court ruled both same-sex parents must be listed on birth certificates

5/2/2013: Rhode Island governor signed same-sex marriage bill

4/24/2013: Rhode Island Senate approved same-sex marriage bill

3/27/2013: Supreme Court heard arguments on DOMA

3/26/2013: Supreme Court heard arguments in Proposition 8 case

3/21/2013: ACLU filed suit seeking New Mexico same-sex marriage recognition

3/21/2013: Colorado governor signed same-sex civil unions bill

3/18/2013: Vermont House approved health care for same-sex spouses

3/15/2013: Native American tribe approved measure recognizing same-sex marriage

3/12/2013: Colorado lawmakers approved civil unions for same-sex couples

2/28/2013: Obama administration urged Supreme Court to strike down same-sex marriage ban

2/27/2013: California AG urged Supreme Court to overturn same-sex marriage ban

2/26/2013: Businesses backed same-sex marriage in briefs to Supreme Court

2/22/2013: Three briefs were filed with Supreme Court in case challenging DOMA

2/22/2013: Kansas high court ruled that non-biological same-sex parents can have parental rights

2/21/2013: US Supreme Court urged to strike down California same-sex marriage ban

2/20/2013: Puerto Rico Supreme Court upheld same-sex adoption ban

2/14/2013: Illinois Senate approved same-sex marriage bill

2/11/2013: US military extended benefits to same-sex partners of service members

1/24/2013: Rhode Island House approved same-sex marriage bill

1/22/2013: Supreme Court received opening briefs in same-sex marriage cases

12/20/2012: Wisconsin appeals court upheld domestic partnership registry

12/17/2012: Montana high court dismissed same-sex marriage suit

12/7/2012: US Supreme Court granted certiorari in two same-sex marriage cases

12/5/2012: Washington governor certified same-sex marriage referendum

12/5/2012: Supreme Court asked to review Nevada same-sex marriage ban

11/29/2012: Maryland AG released opinion on same-sex marriage licenses

11/26/2012: Federal judge dismissed challenge to Nevada same-sex marriage ban

11/8/2012: Washington voters approved same-sex marriage

11/6/2012: Maine, Maryland voters approved same-sex marriage

10/23/2012: New York top court refused to hear challenge to same-sex marriage law

10/18/2012: Federal appeals court struck down part of DOMA

10/12/2012: Alabama court ruled that woman could not adopt same-sex partner’s child

9/27/2012: Second Circuit heard arguments on federal same-sex marriage law

9/11/2012: DOJ asked Supreme Court to consider two more challenges to DOMA

8/24/2012: Vermont inn settled discrimination case brought by same-sex couple

8/24/2012: Supreme Court was urged to deny review of California Proposition 8 same-sex marriage ban

8/21/2012: Legal groups asked US Supreme Court to hear DOMA challenge

8/10/2012: ACLU asked judge to reject Michigan law denying health insurance to same-sex partners

8/8/2012: Federal court rejected challenge to Hawaii same-sex marriage prohibition

8/1/2012: Minnesota court ruled same-sex couples have inheritance rights

7/31/2012: Connecticut federal judge ruled DOMA unconstitutional

7/31/2012: Proposition 8 supporters appealed to US Supreme Court

7/26/2012: Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled Vermont civil union was equivalent to marriage

7/24/2012: Massachusetts petitioned Supreme Court to review DOMA challenge

7/24/2012: New York attorney general filed Supreme Court brief challenging DOMA

7/20/2012: Obama administration extended benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees

7/16/2012: Edith Windsor petitioned Supreme Court to expedite DOMA challenge

7/12/2012: Lesbian couple seeking immigration rights sued to overturn DOMA

7/10/2012: Maryland board of elections approved same-sex marriage repeal for ballot

7/10/2012: US House members filed court brief arguing DOMA unconstitutional

7/9/2012: Minnesota same-sex marriage opponents challenged title of ballot initiative

7/6/2012: New York appeals court dismissed challenge to same-sex marriage law

7/4/2012: Federal appeals court was urged to uphold Defense of Marriage Act

7/4/2012: Federal judge denied motion to stay in DOMA challenge

6/29/2012: Illinois county clerks asked judge for permission to defend same-sex marriage ban

6/21/2012: Illinois judge combined lawsuits challenging same-sex marriage ban

6/20/2012: US lawmakers asked federal court to stay DOMA case

6/19/2012: New York same-sex couple sued hospital for spousal benefits

6/15/2012: Illinois state attorney argued same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional

6/13/2012: ACLU filed lawsuit in North Carolina to allow same-sex adoption

6/13/2012: US senators filed brief supporting Defense of Marriage Act

6/12/2012: WA Secretary of State announced that same-sex marriage referendum will appear on ballot

6/8/2012: Maryland’s State Board of Elections determined same-sex marriage repeal to appear on ballot

6/6/2012: Federal judge struck down section of Defense of Marriage Act

6/6/2012: Washington same-sex marriage law postponed by referendum filing

6/5/2012: Ninth Circuit denied new hearing in Proposition 8 case

6/3/2012: Illinois AG filed notice in support of challenge to same-sex marriage ban

6/1/2012: New Mexico high court ruled same-sex partner can seek custody of adopted child

5/31/2012: Federal appeals court found portion of Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional

5/30/2012: Illinois same-sex couples sued for right to marry

5/24/2012: Federal judge struck down DOMA provision

5/18/2012: Maryland high court granted same-sex divorce

5/14/2012: Rhode Island governor signed order recognizing same sex marriage

5/8/2012: North Carolina voters approved amendment banning same-sex marriage

4/10/2012: Nevada same-sex marriage ban challenged

4/3/2012: Judge ruled denying federal benefits to same-sex spouses discriminatory

4/2/2012: Bi-national same-sex couples filed suit challenging DOMA

3/26/2012: Obama administration sought expedited review of Defense of Marriage Act

3/1/2012: Maryland became the eighth state to allow same-sex marriage

2/25/2012: Maine announced it would put same-sex marriage referendum on November ballot

2/24/2012: US lawmakers decided to appeal Defense of Marriage Act ruling

2/23/2012: Maryland Senate sent same-sex marriage bill to governor

2/22/2012: Federal judge found Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional

2/21/2012: Maryland Senate committee approved same-sex marriage bill

2/21/2012: Proposition 8 supporters asked for new hearing before entire Ninth Circuit

2/21/2012: New Jersey court reversed partial dismissal of same-sex marriage suit

2/18/2012: New Jersey Governor vetoed same-sex marriage bill

2/17/2012: DOJ indicated that denying same-sex couples military benefits is unconstitutional

2/17/2012: Maryland House of Delegates passed same-sex marriage bill

2/16/2012: New Jersey Assembly approved same-sex marriage bill

2/13/2012: New Jersey Senate approved same-sex marriage bill

2/13/2012: Washington governor signed same-sex marriage bill

2/8/2012: Washington House approved same-sex marriage bill

2/7/2012: Ninth Circuit ruled that California’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional

2/2/2012: Ninth Circuit sealed videos from California same-sex marriage trial

2/2/2012: Washington senate approved same-sex marriage bill

2/1/2012: US Army veteran sued over denial of benefits for same-sex spouse

1/24/2012: Minnesota appeals court remanded same-sex marriage lawsuit

1/6/2012: Michigan domestic partner benefits ban challenged

1/4/2012: Iowa court ordered both same-sex parents included on birth certificate

1/4/2012: Washington governor announced same-sex marriage legislation

12/24/2011: Michigan governor signed law banning public benefits for domestic partners

12/8/2011: Ninth Circuit heard arguments on Proposition 8 issues

12/7/2011: Hawaii same-sex couple sued for right to marry

11/30/2011: Challenge to New York same-sex marriage act allowed to proceed

11/23/2011: Ninth Circuit consolidated Proposition 8 challenges

11/17/2011: California Supreme Court ruled Proposition 8 sponsors may defend it in court

11/14/2011: ACLU appealed dismissal of MT same-sex couples’ benefits

11/10/2011: US Senate Judiciary Committee voted to repeal DOMA

11/4/2011: New Jersey court ruled marriage equality suit could proceed

10/27/2011: Gay rights group challenged DOMA

10/16/2011: US lawmakers defended DOMA in court filing

9/30/2011: DOD allowed chaplains to perform same-sex marriages

9/26/2011: Federal appeals court stayed release of Proposition 8 trial videos

9/20/2011: Arkansas judge allowed tax exemption for same-sex couples

9/19/2011: Federal judge ordered release of Proposition 8 trial video

9/17/2011: New York AG sought dismissal of same-sex marriage lawsuit

9/13/2011: North Carolina legislature approved ballot measure to ban same-sex marriage

9/6/2011: California Supreme Court heard arguments on standing in Proposition 8 case

9/6/2011: Ninth Circuit allowed AZ same-sex couples’ insurance benefits

8/5/2011: ACLU appealed same-sex partnership case to MT high court

8/5/2011: Psychological associated advocated for same-sex marriage legalization

8/3/2011: Native American tribe adopted law recognizing same-sex marriage

7/27/2011: New York AG filed brief challenging DOMA

7/25/2011: Advocacy groups challenged NY same-sex marriage law

7/20/2011: President Obama announced support of DOMA repeal

7/3/2011: Rhode Island governor signed same-sex civil unions bill

6/30/2011: DOJ appealed bankruptcy ruling striking down DOMA

6/29/2011: Rhode Island Senate approved civil union bill

6/24/2011: New York governor signed same-sex marriage legislation

6/23/2011: Maryland court recognized spousal privilege for same-sex married couple

6/20/2011: Wisconsin judge upheld domestic partnership registry

6/15/2011: Federal judge refused to vacate CA same-sex marriage ruling

6/15/2011: California bankruptcy court DOMA

6/7/2011: Wyoming Supreme Court ruled same-sex couple can divorce

5/21/2011: Minnesota legislature approved ballot measure ban on same-sex marriage

5/19/2011: Rhode Island house approved civil union bill

5/17/2011: Rhode Island committee sent civil union bill to House

5/11/2011: Delaware governor signed same-sex civil unions bill

5/12/2011: Minnesota senate approved referendum on same-sex marriage ban

4/25/2011: Proposition 8 sponsors moved to vacate district court ruling

4/1/2011: Indiana senate passed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage

3/24/2011: Colorado senate approved same-sex civil unions bill

3/24/2011: Ninth Circuit refused to lift Proposition 8

3/16/2011: US Congress introduced legislation to repeal DOMA

3/2/2011: California AG asked Ninth Circuit to lift Proposition 8 during appeal

3/4/2011: Washington house passed bill recognizing out-of-state same-sex marriages

2/25/2011: Maryland Senate approved same-sex marriage legislation

2/24/2011: New York appeals court allowed surviving same-sex spouse to inherit estate

2/23/2011: Hawaii governor signed same-sex unions bill into law

2/20/2011: Wyoming Senate approved bill banning same-sex marriage recognition

2/16/2011: California Supreme Court agreed to rule on Proposition 8 standing issue

2/16/2011: Indiana House passed anti-same-sex marriage amendment

2/14/2011: Hawaii house passed bill recognizing same-sex civil unions

1/31/2011: Illinois governor signed civil union bill into law

1/28/2011: Wyoming Senate advanced amendment banning same-sex marriage

1/25/2011: Wyoming House approved bill rejecting same-sex marriage recognition

1/18/2011: Supreme Court declined to rule on DC same-sex marriage

1/5/2011: Ninth Circuit asked CA Supreme Court for Proposition 8 guidance

12/6/2010: Ninth Circuit heard oral arguments on Proposition 8 challenge

12/2/2010: Federal appeals judge declined to recuse himself from Proposition 8 case

11/11/2010: Montana AG moved to dismiss same-sex marriage lawsuit

10/18/2010: San Francisco lawyers argued Proposition 8 irrational under CA law

9/26/2010: States filed amicus brief in support of CA Proposition 8

9/17/2010: Proposition 8 supporters sought standing to appeal

9/1/2010: Texas appeals court upheld same-sex marriage ban

8/25/2010: Wyoming same-sex marriage ban challenged

8/16/2010: Ninth Circuit extended stay on CA same-sex marriages

8/10/2010: American Bar Association endorsed same-sex marriage

7/15/2010: DC appeals court ruled against same-sex marriage vote

6/16/2010: Federal court heard closing arguments in Proposition 8 case

6/30/2010: Wisconsin Supreme Court unanimously upheld same-sex marriage ban

5/4/2010: DC appeals court heard arguments in same-sex marriage case

3/2/2010: Supreme Court refused to block DC same-sex marriage law

1/13/2010: Supreme Court blocked YouTube broadcast of Proposition 8 trial

1/11/2010: Federal court began Proposition 8 trial

1/8/2010: New Jersey senate defeated same-sex marriage bill

1/6/2010: Federal judge ruled Proposition 8 trial can be broadcast on YouTube

12/15/2009: DC Council gave final approval to same-sex marriage bill

12/9/2009: New Jersey senate postponed same-sex marriage vote

11/10/2009: DC Catholic diocese threatened end to services in response to same-sex marriage

11/6/2009: Washington voters approved expanded domestic partnership rights

11/3/2009: Maine voters vetoed same-sex marriage legislation

6/3/2009: New Hampshire governor signed same-sex marriage bill into law

5/31/2009: Nevada legislature passed same-sex partnership law overriding governor veto

5/12/2009: New York state assembly approved same-sex marriage bill

4/7/2009: Vermont legislature approved same-sex marriage law, overriding veto

4/3/2009: Iowa high court overturned same-sex marriage ban

3/26/2009: New Hampshire house passed same-sex marriage bill

10/10/2008: Connecticut Supreme Court struck down same-sex marriage ban

2/1/2008: Federal judge lifted stay on OR domestic partnerships

6/19/2007: New York assembly passed Spitzer same-sex marriage bill

1/20/2006: Maryland court rejected same-sex marriage ban

4/4/2005: California court upheld gay partnership law

8/30/2005: Maryland judge considered constitutionality of same-sex marriage ban

11/18/2003: Massachusetts Supreme Court rejected ban on gay marriage