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Reproductive Rights Timeline

6/30/2013: Federal judge refused to block Kansas abortion law

6/28/2013: Obama administration issued final rules on contraceptive coverage

6/27/2013: Tenth Circuit ruled for Hobby Lobby in health care challenge

6/27/2013: Supreme Court issued final orders of term

6/25/2013: Rights group challenged North Dakota abortion laws

6/24/2013: Supreme Court announced that it would rule on abortion clinic “buffer zone” law

6/20/2013: Planned Parenthood sued over Kansas abortion law

6/20/2013: FDA lifted age restrictions for emergency contraception

6/18/2013: North Dakota judge combined abortion challenges

6/18/2013: US House voted for 20-week abortion ban

6/14/2013: Wisconsin state house passed law requiring pre-abortion ultrasound

6/12/2013: US House panel approved ‘fetal pain’ bill

6/12/2013: Federal judge approved FDA emergency contraceptive plan

6/10/2013: DOJ dropped appeal of Plan B contraceptive ruling

6/5/2013: Federal appeals court refused to block emergency contraceptive order

5/29/2013: Arizona ban against race, gender-based abortions was challenged

5/28/2013: Supreme Court declined to review Indiana Planned Parenthood case

5/24/2013: President Obama administration urged review of Plan B ruling

5/23/2013: Tenth Circuit heard Hobby Lobby appeal of health care ruling

5/21/2013: Ninth Circuit struck down Arizona 20-week abortion ban

5/17/2013: Federal judge blocked Arkansas 12-week abortion ban

5/15/2013: Federal judge allowed challenge to Arkansas abortion law to proceed

5/15/2013: North Dakota abortion law was challenged

5/10/2013: Federal judge declined to delay order on emergency contraception

5/1/2013: DOJ appealed expanded access to emergency contraceptives

4/19/2013: Kansas governor signed anti-abortion bill into law

4/18/2013: North Dakota judge announced he would strike down law limiting drug-induced abortions

4/16/2013: Arkansas abortion law was challenged

4/16/2013: North Dakota governor signed 20-week abortion ban

4/15/2013: Federal judge temporarily blocked closure of lone Mississippi abortion clinic

4/12/2013: North Dakota House approved “fetal pain” bill

4/9/2013: Alabama governor signed bill strengthening restrictions on abortion clinics

4/8/2013: Tenth Circuit upheld school’s ban on “fetus dolls”

4/5/2013: Kansas legislature approved anti-abortion bill declaring life begins at fertilization

4/5/2013: Federal judge ordered FDA to remove Plan B contraceptive age requirement

4/2/2013: Alabama lawmakers strengthened restrictions on abortion clinics

3/26/2013: North Dakota governor signed restrictive abortion laws

3/22/2013: North Dakota legislature passed measure outlawing abortions

3/14/2013: Federal judge blocked Missouri birth control law

3/15/2013: North Dakota lawmakers approved abortion restrictions

3/6/2013: Federal judge overturned Idaho abortion law

3/6/2013: Arkansas legislature overrode governor’s veto of 12-week abortion ban

3/5/2013: Oklahoma AG petitioned Supreme Court to review abortion laws

3/4/2013: Arkansas governor vetoed 12-week abortion ban

2/28/2013: Arkansas lawmakers overrode veto on abortion ban after 20 weeks

2/19/2013: Alabama House approved bill tightening regulation of abortion clinics

2/4/2013: Arkansas House approved ban on abortions after 20 weeks

2/1/2013: Obama administration allowed religious nonprofits to opt out of birth control coverage

1/31/2013: Arkansas senate approved bill banning abortions after fetal heartbeat detected

1/18/2013: ACLU ended challenge to Kansas abortion insurance law

1/9/2013: Federal appeals court upheld Massachusetts abortion clinic buffer zone

1/7/2013: Federal judge ordered trial for Kansas abortion law challenge

12/27/2012: Two businesses announced they would not comply with the Supreme Court’s order on contraception mandate

12/26/2012: Supreme Court Justice denied injunction against contraceptive coverage mandate

12/26/2012: Georgia state judge enjoined post-20 week abortion ban

12/4/2012: Oklahoma high court struck down state abortion laws

11/30/2012: Georgia ACLU branch filed suit to block state abortion law

11/28/2012: Arizona appealed injunction on Planned Parenthood defunding bill

11/26/2012: UN panel urged countries to ban female genital mutilation

11/14/2012: UN declared contraception universal human right

11/6/2012: Montana approved parental notification abortion law

11/5/2012: Ninth Circuit heard arguments on Arizona 20-week abortion ban

10/26/2012: Planned Parenthood sued Texas regarding low-income health programs

10/25/2012: Federal appeals court declined to rehear Texas Planned Parenthood funding case

10/23/2012: Federal appeals court blocked Indiana abortion funding bill

10/19/2012: Federal judge temporarily blocked Arizona law to defund Planned Parenthood

10/8/2012: Alaska court upheld abortion parental notice law for minors

10/5/2012: Federal judge held hearing on Arizona abortion funding law

10/2/2012: Sixth Circuit upheld Ohio law limiting use of RU-486

9/11/2012: Ninth Circuit restricted injunction on Idaho abortion law

9/5/2012: Planned Parenthood asked federal appeals court to reconsider Texas funding law

8/21/2012: Federal appeals court allowed Texas to cut Planned Parenthood funding

8/17/2012: Fifth Circuit upheld Louisiana abortion clinic restrictions

8/3/2012: Kansas judge refused to dismiss lawsuit challenging abortion clinic regulations

8/1/2012: Federal appeals court enjoined Arizona abortion law

7/30/2012: Advocacy group appealed Oklahoma “personhood” case to Supreme Court

7/30/2012: Federal judge upheld Arizona law banning abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy

7/24/2012: Federal appeals court upheld mandatory suicide advisory for abortions

7/17/2012: Federal judge dismissed challenge to health care contraception provision

7/16/2012: Planned Parenthood Arizona sued state officials to block law restricting funding

7/13/2012: Federal judge allowed more time for Mississippi abortion clinic to comply with additional restrictions

7/12/2012: Rights groups challenged Arizona law banning abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy

7/11/2012: Federal judge extended block on Mississippi abortion law

7/1/2012: Federal judge blocked Mississippi abortion law

6/28/2012: Federal judge blocked parts of South Dakota abortion law

6/27/2012: New Hampshire lawmakers overrode veto to ban partial-birth abortion

6/21/2012: Oklahoma AG appealed ruling invalidating ultrasound bill

5/23/2012: Catholic dioceses sued the US government over employer insurance contraception requirements

4/13/2012: Arizona governor signed bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks

4/10/2012: Arizona House voted to ban abortions after 20 weeks

4/5/2012: Wisconsin governor signed 51 pieces of legislation

3/29/2012: New Hampshire House voted to ban abortions after 20 weeks

3/28/2012: Oklahoma judge struck down ultrasound law

3/27/2012: Arizona Senate voted to ban abortions after 20 weeks

3/26/2012: Georgia Senate eased restrictions in abortion bill

3/20/2012: Utah approved 72-hour waiting period for abortions

3/19/2012: Idaho Senate approved abortion ultrasound bill

3/8/2012: Virginia governor signed bill requiring ultrasound before abortion

2/28/2012: Virginia Senate approved bill requiring ultrasound before abortion

2/22/2012: Virginia House passed watered-down abortion ultrasound bill

2/14/2012: Virginia House of Delegates approved personhood legislation

2/10/2012: Fifth Circuit refused to reconsider Texas sonogram law

2/6/2012: Federal judge allowed enforcement of Texas abortion law

1/10/2012: Federal appeals court allowed enforcement of Texas abortion sonogram law

1/4/2012: Fifth Circuit heard arguments over Texas abortion sonogram law

12/16/2011: Eighth Circuit affirmed injunction against Nebraska abortion law

10/25/2011: Federal judge blocked ultrasound provision of North Carolina abortion law

10/19/2011: Oklahoma judge blocked new law restricting use of abortion pills

10/17/2011: Federal judge heard arguments on North Carolina ultrasound law

9/29/2011: Federal judge refused to block Kansas abortion insurance law

9/29/2011: ACLU filed suit challenging North Carolina ultrasound law

9/23/2011: Federal judge issued order blocking enforcement of Idaho abortion law

8/31/2011: Idaho woman challenged state anti-abortion law

8/30/2011: Federal judge blocked key provisions of Texas abortion law

8/16/2011: ACLU challenged Kansas abortion insurance law

8/11/2011: Arizona appeals court lifted injunction on 2009 abortion law

8/8/2011: Seventh Circuit received briefs in support of abortion Medicaid restriction

7/28/2011: North Carolina Senate overrode veto on abortion waiting period bill

7/26/2011: North Carolina House overrode veto on abortion waiting period bill

7/21/2011: North Dakota court temporarily blocked medical abortion law

7/21/2011: House committee approved international abortion funding restriction

7/20/2011: Ohio governor signed bill banning abortions after 20 weeks

7/14/2011: Missouri governor refused to sign legislation banning abortions after 20 weeks

7/13/2011: Federal court blocked NYC law forcing pregnancy centers to disclose services

7/1/2011: Federal judge blocked Kansas abortion law requiring licenses for clinics

6/31/2011: Federal judge blocked South Dakota abortion law with 72-hour waiting period

6/31/2011: Rights group asked judge to block Texas abortion law requiring sonogram

6/28/2011: Ohio lawmakers approved bill prohibiting abortion after fetal heartbeat detection

6/28/2011: Rights group sued to block Kansas abortion licensing laws

6/27/2011: North Carolina governor vetoed abortion waiting period bill

6/24/2011: Florida governor signed bill restricting access to abortions

6/22/2011: New Hampshire legislature overrode veto of abortion notification bill

6/17/2011: Illinois appeal court ordered lower court to rule on abortion notification law

6/16/2011: DOJ declared Indiana abortion funding ban violates federal law

6/15/2011: Alabama governor signed bill banning abortions after 20 weeks

6/13/2011: Reproductive rights group challenged Texas sonogram before abortion law

6/9/2011: Alabama legislators passed bill banning abortions after 20 weeks

6/1/2011: Obama administration declared Indiana ban on abortion funds violates federal law

5/27/2011: South Dakota abortion waiting period challenged by ACLU

5/25/2011: Minnesota governor vetoed bill restricting abortion rights

5/23/2011: Federal judge upheld Ohio law limiting ‘abortion pill’

5/19/2011: Texas governor signed law requiring sonogram before abortion

5/12/2011: Missouri lawmakers approved late-term abortion ban

5/11/2011: Federal judge refused to block Indiana Planned Parenthood cuts

4/27/2011: Indiana approved legislation banning abortion after 20 weeks

4/19/2011: Oklahoma governor signed bill banning abortions after 20 weeks

4/13/2011: Idaho governor signed bill banning abortions after 20 weeks

4/12/2011: Kansas governor signed abortion restriction legislation

4/7/2011: Alabama House approved bill banning abortion after 20 weeks

4/6/2011: Ohio Senate approved bill limiting abortion after 20 weeks

4/5/2011: Idaho legislature passed late-term abortion ban

3/29/2011: Arizona governor outlawed abortions based on sex, race

3/23/2011: Idaho, Kansas lawmakers approved ban on late-term abortions

3/9/2011: Oklahoma House approved bill banning abortions after 20 weeks

3/7/2011: Texas House approved bill requiring ultrasounds before abortions

3/2/2011: South Dakota legislature passed bill requiring 72-hour waiting period for abortions

2/24/2011: Kansas House approved new abortion restrictions

12/13/2010: Alaska judge upheld parental notification law

11/2/2010: Colorado voters rejected anti-abortion amendment

9/18/2010: Nebraska AG agreed to permanent injunction of state abortion law

7/19/2010: Oklahoma court extended bar against law requiring pre-abortion ultrasounds

7/19/2010: DHHS limited abortion funding for new high-risk insurance pools

7/14/2010: Federal judge blocked enforcement of Nebraska abortion law

6/11/2010: Florida governor vetoed bill requiring ultrasounds before abortions

5/25/2010: Oklahoma legislature overrode veto of pre-abortion questionnaire bill

5/11/2010: Oklahoma lawmakers approved bill requiring pre-abortion questionnaire

5/3/2010: Oklahoma AG agreed to court order blocking abortion law enforcement

4/27/2010: Oklahoma legislature overrode veto of anti-abortion bills

4/21/2010: Obama announced he would consider women’s rights in Supreme Court nomination

4/19/2010: Oklahoma lawmakers approved bills restricting abortion

4/13/2010: Nebraska passed law banning abortions after 20 weeks

4/5/2010: Oklahoma governor signed 3 anti-abortion bills into law

3/29/2010: Illinois judge upheld abortion parental notification law

3/24/2010: Obama signed executive order limiting federal abortion funding

3/22/2010: Supreme Court declined to rule on abortion clinic layered protest zones

3/8/2010: Utah governor signed bill criminalizing attempted illegal abortions

3/2/2010: Oklahoma Supreme Court rejected broad abortion law

2/19/2010: Oklahoma judge struck down multi-part abortion law

10/4/2009: Illinois court again delayed enforcement of abortion parental notification law

10/3/2009: Third Circuit struck down Pittsburgh abortion clinic layered protest zones

8/20/2009: Federal judge partially upheld South Dakota abortion informed consent law

8/18/2009: Oklahoma judge found broad abortion law unconstitutional

8/5/2009: Illinois gave doctors 90 days to implement parental notices for abortions

7/14/2009: Seventh Circuit dissolved injunction against Illinois abortion notification law

7/8/2009: First Circuit upheld law requiring ‘buffer zone’ for abortion clinic protesters

6/24/2009: Fourth Circuit upheld Virginia ‘partial birth’ abortion ban

6/2/2009: DOJ increased federal protection at clinics after abortion doctor killing

1/23/2009: Obama repealed international abortion funding restriction

9/24/2008: State attorneys general urged withdrawal of healthcare provider conscience regulation

8/22/2008: District court upheld Massachusetts law mandating abortion protester ‘buffer zone’

7/2/2008: Ninth Circuit upheld right to display anti-abortion photos near schools

3/2/2008: Federal judge refused to allow Illinois abortion notification law to take effect

1/28/2008: Federal appeals court ruled Arizona must allow anti-abortion license plates

1/23/2008: Federal judge ruled Missouri must issue license plate with anti-abortion message

1/22/2008: Federal appeals court backed required transport for Missouri inmate abortions

11/13/2007: Massachusetts governor signed bill extending protection of abortion clinics

11/3/2007: Alaska high court struck down state abortion consent law

11/1/2007: Federal appeals court considered Virginia ‘partial-birth’ abortion ban

9/12/2007: New Jersey high court rejected medical duty to say embryo is ‘existing human being’

8/27/2007: Federal judge issued temporary injunction against Missouri abortion law

6/29/2007: New Hampshire governor signed repeal of abortion parental notification law

6/26/2007: Louisiana legislature approved “partial-birth” abortion ban

6/7/2007: New Hampshire legislature repealed abortion parental notification law

6/6/2007: Federal appeals court allowed asylum for victims of forced abortions

6/4/2007: Sixth Circuit struck down Michigan ‘partial-birth’ abortion ban

4/23/2007: North Dakota legislature approved conditional abortion ban

4/23/2007: Supreme Court vacated Missouri partial birth abortion ban ruling

4/19/2007: US lawmakers introduced bill to codify Roe v. Wade abortion rights

4/18/2007: Supreme Court upheld ‘partial-birth’ abortion ban

2/21/2007: Proposed South Dakota abortion ban failed in state senate committee

2/13/2007: South Dakota House committee approved new anti-abortion bill

2/12/2007: Idaho Senate committee approved parental consent for abortions

1/31/2007: South Dakota legislators introduced new abortion bill

12/6/2006: US House rejected ‘fetal pain’ bill

11/13/2006: Federal appeals court upheld Ohio abortion counseling provision

11/8/2006: Supreme Court heard partial-birth abortion ban arguments

11/7/2006: Abortion ban failed in South Dakota, parental notification nixed in Oregon, California

10/30/2006: Federal appeals court halted enforcement of South Dakota abortion law

6/19/2006: Supreme Court agreed to hear second ‘partial birth’ abortion ban case

1/22/1973: Roe v. Wade decided by the Supreme Court

6/7/1965: Griswold v. Connecticut decided by the Supreme Court