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Libya Conflict Timeline

1/15/13: Libyan Justice Minister announced trial of Gaddafi son, intelligence chief

8/11/12: Libya national assembly elected Gaddafi opponent for interim president

10/23/11: Libya PM declared official liberation from Gaddafi regime

10/21/11: UN rights office called for investigation into Gaddafi killing

10/20/11: Muammar Gaddafi killed by opposition fighters

10/13/11: AI report accused Libya interim government of prisoner abuse

10/9/11: UN urged human rights respect as Libya conflict ended

9/28/11: Libya issued arrest warrant for ex-PM Al-Mahmoudi

9/26/11: Libya announced plan to abolish state security courts

9/25/11: Libya leaders began formation of interim government

9/21/11: Libya ex-PM Al-Mahmoudi was arrested in Tunisia

9/14/11: World Bank recognized NTC

9/13/11: AI report accused both Libya rebel and loyalist forces of war crimes

9/9/11: UN Secretary General called for creation of Libya mission

9/8/11: ICC requested help from INTERPOL to locate Gaddafi

9/2/11: Libya interim leaders

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