Libya Conflict Timeline
Libya Conflict Timeline

1/15/13: Libyan Justice Minister announced trial of Gaddafi son, intelligence chief

8/11/12: Libya national assembly elected Gaddafi opponent for interim president

10/23/11: Libya PM declared official liberation from Gaddafi regime

10/21/11: UN rights office called for investigation into Gaddafi killing

10/20/11: Muammar Gaddafi killed by opposition fighters

10/13/11: AI report accused Libya interim government of prisoner abuse

10/9/11: UN urged human rights respect as Libya conflict ended

9/28/11: Libya issued arrest warrant for ex-PM Al-Mahmoudi

9/26/11: Libya announced plan to abolish state security courts

9/25/11: Libya leaders began formation of interim government

9/21/11: Libya ex-PM Al-Mahmoudi was arrested in Tunisia

9/14/11: World Bank recognized NTC

9/13/11: AI report accused both Libya rebel and loyalist forces of war crimes

9/9/11: UN Secretary General called for creation of Libya mission

9/8/11: ICC requested help from INTERPOL to locate Gaddafi

9/2/11: Libya interim leaders accused of using human shields by PHR

8/22/11: ICC began talks with rebels to hand over Gaddafi son for prosecution

8/22/11: Rebel forces entered Tripoli, the Libyan capital

8/20/11: Libya requested UN investigation into NATO abuse

7/28/11: Civil suit filed against NATO for Libya air strike

7/12/11: French parliament approved participation in NATO operations in Libya

7/7/11: US House restricted funding for US military operations in Libya

7/6/11: Libya government charged 21 members of National Transition Council

6/28/11: ICC prosecutor urged Gaddafi aides to implement arrest warrant

6/28/11: State Department legal adviser testified that US military action is lawful

6/27/11: ICC issued arrest warrant for Gaddafi for crimes against humanity

6/24/11: US House rejected a resolution authorizing Libya operations

6/20/11: NYT reported that Obama overrode the legal advice of some administration officials regarding the War Powers Resolution

6/19/11: 90-day period authorized by the War Powers Resolution lapsed, allegedly requiring Obama to cease military action absent congressional approval

6/15/11: Obama released report justifying actions and cost in Libya

6/15/11: US lawmakers filed suit against Obama for continuing actions in Libya for violating Constitution, War Powers Resolution

6/5/11: Rights group accused Libya opposition forces of committing arbitrary detention, torture

6/3/11: US House passed resolution calling on Obama to explain US military action in Libya

6/1/11: UNHRC commission reported Libya forces committed war crimes

5/16/11: ICC prosecutor announced he would seek Gaddafi arrest warrant for crimes against humanity

4/12/11: HRW and Amnesty International accused Gaddafi of war crimes

4/10/11: Libya officials promised new constitution

4/5/11: ICC prosecutor claimed to have evidence Gaddafi planned attacks on civilians

3/31/11: Operation Odyssey Dawn ended, ceding operational command to NATO

3/26/11: US lawmaker proposed legislation to end US involvement in Libya

3/19/11: US began Operation Odyssey Dawn to enforce Libya no-fly zone

3/17/11: UN Security Council imposed no-fly zone over Libya

3/12/11: Arab League called for UN no-fly zone over Libya

3/9/11: UN announced investigation of torture allegations against Gaddafi

3/3/11: ICC announced investigation of Gaddafi for crimes against humanity

3/1/11: UN suspended Libya from UNHRC

2/26/11: UN Security Council imposed sanctions on Libya, referred situation to ICC

2/25/11: UNHRC unanimously condemned violence against protesters, ordered international inquiry

2/25/11: UN rights chief called for action to halt to violence against Libyan protesters

2/23/11: Chief Prosecutor claimed ICC lacked jurisdiction over alleged Libya crimes

2/22/11: UN rights commissioner alleged Libyan committing crimes against humanity against protesters

2/21/11: Libya government promised constitutional reforms following a week of protests

2/18/11: UN rights commissioner condemned violence by Libyan forces to quell demonstrators as illegal and excessive