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International Criminal Court Timeline

6/20/2013: Kenya president’s war crimes trial was postponed

6/18/2013: Lawyer for Gaddafi son accused Libya of defying ICC

6/18/2013: ICC granted Kenya VP’s request to skip parts of upcoming trial

6/17/2013: ICC delayed preliminary hearing for Congo war crimes suspect

6/5/2013: ICC chief prosecutor expressed disappointment in lack of UN action on Darfur

6/3/2013: ICC postponed proceedings against former Ivory Coast president

6/3/2013: HRW claimed that ICC suspect was seen at more recent Sudan crime scenes

5/31/2013: ICC ruled Libya could not try Gaddafi son

5/30/2013: ICC prosecutor required proof that Kenya could handle Kenyatta case

5/29/2013: HRW accused Kenyan police of abusing refugees

5/24/2013: African leaders announced request for Kenyan leaders be tried domestically instead of by ICC

5/21/2013: Kenya report connected president, VP to post-election violence

5/14/2013: ICC opened preliminary examination of 2010 Israel flotilla raid

5/8/2013: ICC prosecutor claimed Libya trials could be “Nuremberg moment”

5/6/2013: ICC postponed trial of Kenya vice president

5/2/2013: Kenya UN ambassador sought dismissal of ICC charges against president

5/2/2013: Gaddafi’s son made second appearance in Libya court

4/27/2013: ICC judge withdrew from case against Kenya president

4/24/2013: Sudan war crimes suspect was reportedly killed in rebel fighting

4/16/2013: Kenya top court released ruling upholding presidential election results

4/9/2013: ICC indictee Kenyatta was sworn in as fourth president of Kenya

4/3/2013: Rights group claimed Sudan government committing war crimes

4/1/2013: Sudan announced it would release all political detainees

3/30/2013: Kenya Supreme Court upheld presidential election results

3/25/2013: Congo war crimes suspect denied charges in first appearance before ICC

3/25/2013: Kenya high court ordered vote recount in presidential election

3/22/2013: Suspected DRC war criminal surrendered to ICC

3/21/2013: UN SG announced probe into Syria chemical weapons

3/20/2013: HRW urged Libya government to ensure protection of civilians

3/20/2013: Kenya high court demanded silence over 2013 election case

3/18/2013: Congo war crimes suspect surrendered at US embassy in Rwanda

3/18/2013: Kenya presidential candidate asked ICC to withdraw charges

3/15/2013: Kenya PM Raila Odinga appealed election results

3/11/2013: ICC dropped case against Kenya politician Francis Muthaura

3/9/2013: Uhuru Kenyatta was declared winner of Kenya presidential election

3/8/2013: ICC postponed trial of Kenya vice presidential candidate

3/7/2013: ICC approved delay of trial for Kenya presidential candidate

3/5/2013: Mali rebels called for ICC investigation

3/1/2013: UN senior official addressed sexual violence issues in Cambodia and Kenya

2/26/2013: ICC prosecutor agreed to delay trial of 4 Kenyans

2/26/2013: Rights group condemned Ivory Coast violations

2/25/2013: UN rights chief urged international community to continue to prevent abuses

2/21/2013: HRW claimed Mali should prosecute soldiers for abuses

2/21/2013: Nigeria government was ordered to pay US$240 million for 1999 local massacre

2/19/2013: Ivory Coast ex-President Gbagbo appeared before ICC

2/18/2013: UN claimed both sides to Syria conflict guilty of war crimes

2/15/2013: Kenya government sued for police brutality during 2007 post-election violence

2/14/2013: Kenya presidential candidate asked ICC to postpone trial

2/12/2013: UN rights chief claimed Syria death toll was rising, urged Security Council to take action

2/7/2013: ICC ordered Libya to extradite Gaddafi intelligence chief

2/6/2013: Kenya post-election violence suspect asked ICC to review trial decision

1/28/2013: ICC prosecutor warned Mali on human rights abuses

1/22/2013: Ally of Ivory Coast ex-President was charged with war crimes

1/17/2013: Gaddafi’s son made first appearance in Libya court

1/16/2013: ICC opened investigation into Mali war crimes

1/14/2013: UN Security Council was urged to refer Syria to ICC

1/10/2013: ICC asked Libya officials to explain trial plans to Gaddafi son

12/18/2012: ICC acquitted Congolese militia leader

12/13/2012: ICC urged UN Security Council to do more in Darfur

12/12/2012: ICC confirmed jurisdiction over Ivory Coast ex-president

12/2/2012: Kenya presidential candidates facing ICC charges announced joint election plan

11/30/2012: ICC planned to consider legal implication of Palestine statehood

11/22/2012: ICC charged wife of Ivory Coast ex-president for crimes against humanity

11/14/2012: UN Secretary General urged nations to enforce decisions

11/12/2012: HRW urged ICC to increase efforts to bring war criminals to justice

11/11/2012: ICC prosecutor collected evidence for new war crime charges in Libya

11/7/2012: ICC urged Libya not to grant amnesty to war criminals

11/2/2012: ICC found Ivory Coast ex-president capable to stand trial

10/30/2012: Ivory Coast ex-president requested release from custody before trial

10/26/2012: ICC refused to allow pre-trial leave for Ivory Coast ex-president

10/25/2012: ICC encouraged Kenya to fully cooperate in post-election violence investigation

10/22/2012: ICC Chief Procecutor visited Kenya to prepare for post-election violence trial

10/18/2012: Libya was urged to turn Gaddafi military chief over to ICC

10/17/2012: HRW alleged Libya war crimes during capture of Sirte

10/16/2012: ICTY opened final war crimes trial

10/16/2012: UN Security Council was urged to strengthen relationship with ICC

10/11/2012: Arrest warrant was issued for Thailand ex-PM

10/10/2012: UN official claimed Mali Islamists abused human rights

10/9/2012: Libya urged ICC to allow national trial for Gaddafi’s son

10/8/2012: Maldives ex-president was arrested for violating court-imposed travel ban

10/8/2012: AI claimed Rwanda military intelligence had unlawfully detained, tortured civilians

10/6/2012: Vatican court sentenced pope’s former butler to prison for leaking documents

10/5/2012: World Bank appointed former ICC prosecutor to investigate corruption in Bangladesh

10/3/2012: Former Congo militia leader appealed ICC sentence

10/1/2012: Maldives ex-president violated travel ban, failed to appear in court

9/26/2012: Maldives court restricted ex-president to capital

9/26/2012: Netherlands court allowed ICC witnesses to seek asylum

9/25/2012: HRW claimed Mali Islamist groups had recruited child soldiers

9/24/2012: UN officials presented document committing to rule of law

9/18/2012: Thailand truth commission released report about 2010 unrest

9/17/2012: UN investigators claimed human rights violations in Syria had increased

9/17/2012: UN rights chief condemned Mali violence

9/17/2012: HRW claimed Syria opposition had committed war crimes

9/11/2012: HRW claimed DRC rebels had committed war crimes

9/11/2012: Libya judge suspended trial of senior Gaddafi intelligence official

9/9/2012: Libya delayed trial for Gaddafi’s son for five months

9/5/2012: AI urged investigation of Maldives human rights violations

9/5/2012: Mauritania extradited Libya ex-intelligence chief

9/5/2012: HRW claimed Bush administration engaged in torture, rendition of Gaddafi opponents

9/2/2012: Nobel laureate urged prosecution of Bush, Blair for Iraq war crimes

8/31/2012: ICC investigated allegations of war crimes in Mali

8/31/2012: Ivory Coast opposition member imprisoned for six months

8/30/2012: Maldives commission ruled former president’s resignation was voluntary

8/27/2012: ICC prosecutor updated charges in Kenya cases

8/23/2012: Libya set September trial date for Gaddafi’s son

8/20/2012: ICC rejected ex-Ivory Coast president’s jurisdiction challenge

8/20/2012: Federal judge ruled priests not Vatican employees in sex abuse case

8/17/2012: ICC urged to investigate Rwanda president for arming DRC rebels

8/14/2012: Defense lawyers for Congo rebel leader opened case before ICC

8/9/2012: Thailand court delayed bail verdict for red shirt leaders

8/8/2012: Ivory Coast commission reported war crimes committed during post-election violence

8/7/2012: ICC outlined first-ever reparation plan for victims

8/6/2012: Kenya tribunal recommended dismissal of high court judge

8/2/2012: ICC postponed hearing for Ivory Coast ex-president due to health issues

8/2/2012: Security Council reaffirmed condemnation of DRC renegade soldiers

7/31/2012: Kenya court affirmed March 2013 election date

7/31/2012: Gaddafi son said he would not receive fair trial in Libya

7/31/2012: AI said Mali authorities must investigate torture, disappearances

7/30/2012: Maldives court refused to hear case against former president

7/30/2012: South Korea rights group filed international complaint against China over prisoner torture

7/27/2012: Four men arrested for killing UN officials in Ivory Coast

7/26/2012: Kenya was urged to investigate 2007 post-election violence cases

7/25/2012: HRW claimed Mali forces abducted, tortured soldiers and journalists

7/25/2012: US official claimed Rwanda government conduct could amount to war crimes

7/25/2012: Kenya court lifted ban on independence group

7/24/2012: UN investigators probed attack in Ivory Coast

7/18/2012: ICC opened preliminary inquiry into Mali violence

7/16/2012: South Africa minister elected first female leader of African Union

7/15/2012: Maldives former president was formally charged for illegal arrest order

7/13/2012: African Union considered creating criminal court

7/13/2012: ICC issued new arrest warrant for Congo general

7/12/2012: AI claimed torture, ill-treatment of detainees common in Tajikistan

7/12/2012: Mali asked ICC to investigate potential war crimes

7/10/2012: Ivory Coast charged two more ex-president allies with genocide

7/10/2012: ICC sentenced former Congo militia leader to 14 years

7/9/2012: ICC set April trial date for Kenya post-election violence cases

7/7/2012: West African leaders urged ICC to investigate Mali war crimes

7/6/2012: ICC lawyer said Gaddafi son will not receive fair trial

7/3/2012: HRW claimed Syria tortured prisoners in secret facilities

7/2/2012: UN rights chief renewed call to refer Syria to ICC

7/2/2012: Libya released detained ICC staff members

7/1/2012: AI called on nations to back ICC

7/1/2012: ICC chief prosecutor called for end to destruction of Mali religious shrines

6/15/2012: Fatou Bensouda sworn in as ICC prosecutor

6/13/2012: ICC prosecutors sought 30 year sentence for former Congo militia leader

6/13/2012: ICC filed new application to arrest Rwanda field commander

6/12/2012: ICC, Australia officials visited detained ICC staff in Libya

6/12/2012: ICC agreed to postpone hearing for Ivory Coast ex-president

6/12/2012: ICC renewed call to release staff members detained in Libya

6/9/2012: ICC staff members detained in Libya

6/7/2012: Ivory Coast ex-president asked to postpone ICC hearing

6/1/2012: ICC postponed order for Libya to turn over Gaddafi son

5/31/2012: ICC rejected arrest warrant for Congo rebel leader

5/30/2012: ICC appeals chamber declined to confirm charges against Rwanda rebel leader

5/24/2012: ICC rejected jurisdiction challenge in Kenya cases

5/14/2012: ICC prosecutor sought arrest of two DRC rebel leaders

5/1/2012: Libya challenged ICC right to try Gaddafi’s son

4/12/2012: ICC prosecutor asked court to report Libya to UN for detaining Gaddafi son

4/5/2012: Libya denied ICC request to hand over Gaddafi son

3/14/2012: Congo militia leader found guilty in first ICC verdict

3/1/2012: ICC issued arrest warrant for Sudan defense minister

2/22/2012: ICC expanded investigation of war crimes in Ivory Coast

2/10/2012: UN rights office called for ICC trial for Syria officials

1/25/2012: Maldives lawyers sought ICC intervention over detained judge

1/23/2012: ICC confirmed charges against 4 suspects for Kenya post-election violence

12/19/2011: ICC rejected prosecution request to block Rwanda rebel leader’s release

12/16/2011: ICC declined to confirm charges against Rwanda rebel leader

12/15/2011: ICC prosecutor urged international cooperation in arresting Darfur suspects

12/15/2011: HRW claimed Syria officials ordered civilian attacks, called for ICC investigation

12/12/2011: ICC referred Malawi to UN Security Council for failure to arrest Sudan president

12/12/2011: ICC deputy prosecutor officially elected next chief prosecutor

12/5/2011: Former Ivory Coast president Gbagbo appeared before ICC

12/2/2011: ICC prosecutor sought arrest warrant for Sudan defense minister

11/30/2011: ICC opened probe into claims of mass rapes by Gaddafi loyalists

11/30/2011: ICC took former Ivory Coast president Gbagbo into custody

11/28/2011: Nobel peace laureate urged ICC investigation into former Yemen regime

11/28/2011: Kenya court issued arrest warrant for Sudan president al-Bashir, wanted ICC criminal

11/25/2011: Mexico activists sought ICC probe of Calderon, drug war

11/23/2011: ICC prosecutor announced Libya could try Gaddafi’s son

10/19/2011: ICC requested explanation from Malawi for failure to arrest Sudan president

10/15/2011: ICC prosecutor visited Ivory Coast to probe war crime allegations

10/11/2011: Syria rejected calls to join ICC

9/16/2011: ICC opened hearing for DRC war crimes suspect

9/15/2011: HRW report criticized ICC prosecutions

9/13/2011: Rights group filed ICC complaint against Vatican over clergy abuse

9/8/2011: ICC requested help from INTERPOL to locate Gaddafi

9/1/2011: ICC began hearings in Kenya post-election violence cases

5/16/2011: ICC prosecutor sought Gaddafi arrest warrant for crimes against humanity

1/28/2010: US war crimes ambassador said US unlikely to join ICC in ‘foreseeable future’

2/3/2009: Palestinian President Abbas petitioned ICC to bring Gaza war crimes case

8/28/2006: ICC lay first charge against Congo militia leader

10/6/2005: ICC issued arrest warrants for Ugandan cult leaders

7/1/2002: Rome Statute took legal effect