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US Immigration Law Timeline

6/28/2013: Federal appeals court affirmed city law denying housing to undocumented immigrants

6/27/2013: US Senate approved immigration reform bill

6/18/2013: Ninth Circuit upheld Arizona law denying bail for undocumented immigrants

6/10/2013: ACLU challenged Nebraska order denying driver’s licenses to certain immigrants

6/6/2013: Arizona judge refused to reconsider order denying driver’s licenses to immigrants

5/30/2013: ACLU challenged US deportation practices

5/30/2013: Connecticut senate approved driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants

5/24/2013: Federal court ruled Arizona sheriff violated Latinos’ constitutional rights

5/21/2013: Senate Judiciary Committee approved immigration reform bill

4/29/2013: Colorado governor signed immigrant tuition bill

4/29/2013: Supreme Court denied Alabama immigration appeal

4/16/2013: US Senators unveiled immigration reform bill

4/2/2013: Oregon governor signed tuition bill for undocumented immigrants

3/31/2013: Bipartisan US senate group reached agreement on immigration reform

3/29/2013: Federal judge struck down part of Indiana immigration law

3/28/2013: Georgia lawmakers expanded immigration law

3/25/2013: Maryland Senate approved bill allowing driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants

3/20/2013: Federal judge blocked key part of Georgia immigration law

3/4/2013: Ninth Circuit blocked day laborer provision of Arizona immigration law

2/20/2013: Supreme Court declined to extend 2010 immigration ruling retroactively

2/16/2013: USA Today reported that White House immigration reform draft would create new path to citizenship

2/7/2013: Rights groups challenged Alabama immigrant “black list”

1/28/2013: US Senators unveiled immigration reform plan

1/27/2013: Illinois governor signed bill allowing illegal immigrant driver’s licenses

1/15/2013: Alabama appealed immigration law ruling to Supreme Court

1/8/2013: Illinois House approved bill allowing illegal immigrant driver’s licenses

1/2/2013: Obama administration announced immigration rule to ease family separation

12/29/2012: Mexico urged US court to block part of Arizona immigration law

12/10/2012: Federal judge lifted injunction on part of Georgia immigration law

12/6/2012: ACLU sued Arizona governor for denying driver’s licenses to immigrants

11/27/2012: Federal appeals court denied Alabama request to reconsider immigration ruling

11/15/2012: ACLU filed class action lawsuit over mandatory immigrant detention

11/15/2012: Federal judge upheld motorist provision of South Carolina immigration law

11/13/2012: Federal judge heard arguments on South Carolina immigration law

11/6/2012: Maryland, Montana voted on immigration issues

11/1/2012: DOJ criticized immigration courts for inefficiency

10/17/2012: Federal appeals court denied Alabama request to reconsider immigration law

10/10/2012: Mississippi joined lawsuit challenging immigration policy directive

9/30/2012: California governor signed bill allowing some illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses

9/27/2012: ACLU urged government to stop delegating federal immigration authority

9/27/2012: Arizona announced appeal of federal injunction on portion of state immigration law

9/25/2012: Ninth Circuit rejected Arizona immigration law challenge

9/20/2012: Mexico announced review of Alabama immigration law under international labor treaty

9/18/2012: Federal judge lifted injunction on Arizona immigration law

9/17/2012: Arizona governor, DOJ suggested wording for immigration law enforcement

9/13/2012: Rights groups appealed to stop enforcement of Arizona immigration law

9/12/2012: Sixth Circuit dismissed posthumous citizenship request for convicted Nazi guard

9/10/2012: Alabama asked federal appeals court to reconsider immigration law

9/5/2012: Federal judge upheld Arizona immigration law

8/30/2012: California approved bill allowing some illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses

8/27/2012: Federal judge denied motion to dismiss ACLU suit against US Border Patrol

8/23/2012: Kansas secretary of state challenged Obama immigration policy

8/21/2012: DOJ announced plans to establish civil rights unit in Alabama in wake of state immigration laws

8/21/2012: Federal judge heard arguments on Arizona immigration law

8/20/2012: Federal appeals court partially rejected Alabama, Georgia immigration laws

8/17/2012: Utah AG said immigration law should be upheld given Supreme Court ruling

8/17/2012: Arizona high court upheld English language law

8/15/2012: Third Circuit reconsidered Pennsylvania town’s anti-illegal immigration ordinances

8/15/2012: Arizona governor issued executive order denying benefits to undocumented immigrants

8/6/2012: Report claimed states were passing fewer immigration laws in 2012 than in 2011

8/2/2012: DOJ filed brief claiming that undocumented immigrants should not be allowed to practice law in US

7/17/2012: Rights groups urged federal judge to block Arizona immigration law

7/14/2012: Florida was granted access to federal database in effort to purge state voter rolls

7/12/2012: Lesbian couple seeking immigration rights sued to overturn DOMA

7/10/2012: American Samoa natives sued for US citizenship birthright

7/9/2012: Federal judge declined to lift injunction against South Carolina immigration law

7/6/2012: Georgia argued immigration law valid after Supreme Court ruling

7/5/2012: California Senate passed immigration bill protecting non-felony detainees

6/25/2012: Arizona governor said enforcement of immigration law will not violate Constitution

6/25/2012: Supreme Court partially struck down Arizona immigration law, upheld controversial section

6/18/2012: Congressman Ben Quayle introduced bill to block Obama administration’s new immigration policy

6/16/2012: Iowa Congressman announced plan to sue Obama over new illegal immigration policy

6/15/2012: Obama administration announced it would stop deporting some young undocumented immigrants

6/5/2012: Federal judge heard arguments for class action in Arizona immigration suit

5/31/2012: Federal judge allowed Arizona plaintiffs to proceed in immigration suit

5/18/2012: Alabama governor signed revised immigration bill

5/17/2012: ACLU criticized Georgia immigration detention centers

5/21/2012: Supreme Court ruled that immigrant children cannot rely on their parents’ immigration status

5/17/2012: Alabama governor called for special legislative session on immigration law

5/17/2012: Alabama governor called for special legislative session on immigration law

4/19/2012: Alabama House passed new immigration law

3/28/2012: Rights group claimed discrimination, rights abuses on US border

3/5/2012: Georgia Senate passed bill limiting illegal immigrants’ access to higher education

3/1/2012: Eleventh Circuit deferred ruling on Alabama, Georgia immigration laws

2/29/2012: Federal judge blocked enforcement of Arizona day laborer law

2/21/2012: Federal judge delayed Utah immigration ruling

2/21/2012: Supreme Court clarified ‘aggravated felony’ for immigrant removal purposes

2/6/2012: Arizona filed opening brief with Supreme Court on immigration law

1/26/2012: South Carolina appealed order blocking portions of immigration law

1/9/2012: Federal judge halted South Carolina immigration lawsuit

12/22/2011: Federal judge blocked portions of South Carolina immigration law

12/15/2011: States sought to delay immigration cases pending Supreme Court ruling

12/14/2011: HRW claimed Alabama immigration law violating basic human rights

12/12/2011: Supreme Court granted cert in Arizona immigration law challenge

12/12/2011: Supreme Court struck down deportation discretionary waiver policy

12/9/2011: Alabama governor began to revise state immigration law

12/7/2011: Alabama AG recommended changes to state immigration law

12/1/2011: US appeals court dismissed police officer’s suit against AZ immigration law

11/22/2011: DOJ challenged Utah immigration law

11/14/2011: DOJ asked federal appeals court to block Alabama immigration law

11/10/2011: DOJ urged Supreme Court not to hear Arizona immigration law appeal

11/9/2011: Latin American countries joined DOJ in South Carolina immigration law challenge

11/4/2011: DOJ told Alabama it has authority to compel public school enrollment data

11/1/2011: DOJ warned Alabama schools on state immigration law

10/28/2011: Arizona day laborer law challenged

10/21/2011: Federal judge dismissed Arizona counterclaim over immigration law

10/18/2011: DHS reported 400,000 deported illegal immigrants in 2011

10/12/2011: Rights groups challenged South Carolina immigration law

10/11/2011: Alabama defended immigration law in federal appeals court

10/7/2011: DOJ asked federal appeals court to block Alabama immigration law

9/28/2011: Federal judge refused to enjoin most of Alabama immigration law

9/26/2011: Rhode Island school board granted illegal immigrants in-state tuition

9/22/2011: DHS advisors recommended changes to controversial immigrant screening process

9/1/2011: Third Circuit ruled prolonged detention of immigrants unconstitutional

8/30/2011: Federal judge temporarily blocked Alabama immigration law

8/24/2011: Federal court heard arguments on Alabama immigration law

8/18/2011: US reviewed deportations in 300,000 immigration cases

8/15/2011: Rights groups challenged practice of shackling immigration detainees

8/15/2011: Georgia appealed immigration law ruling

8/10/2011: Alabama AG asked state high court to weigh in on immigration law

8/10/2011: Arizona appealed immigration law ruling to Supreme Court

8/5/2011: Alabama lawmakers defended immigration law

8/4/2011: Federal appeals court vacated ruling on Pennsylvania city immigration laws

8/3/2011: Sixteen countries filed briefs against Alabama immigration law

7/27/2011: Alabama immigration law challenged in state court

7/21/2011: Rights groups sought to bar Alabama immigration law

7/8/2011: ACLU filed lawsuit challenging Alabama immigration law

7/5/2011: Georgia announced appeal immigration law ruling

6/27/2011: Federal judge blocked Georgia immigration law

6/21/2011: South Carolina lawmakers approved Arizona-style immigration legislation

6/17/2011: Rights groups rejected ICE changes to immigration enforcement program

6/14/2011: Oklahoma high court upheld most of state immigration law

6/9/2011: Alabama governor signed immigration bill into law

6/8/2011: Rights groups sought injunction against Georgia immigration law

6/2/2011: Alabama legislature passed Arizona-style immigration law

6/2/2011: ACLU filed lawsuit challenging Georgia immigration law

5/26/2011: Supreme Court upheld Arizona immigration employment law

5/25/2011: ACLU filed class action suit against Indiana immigration law

5/13/2011: Georgia governor signed anti-illegal immigration bill

5/10/2011: Federal judge blocked Utah immigration law

5/9/2011: Arizona asked Supreme Court to lift injunction on controversial immigration law

5/3/2011: Utah immigration law challenged

4/14/2011: Georgia legislature passed Arizona-style immigration bill

4/11/2011: Ninth Circuit upheld injunction against Arizona immigration law

4/5/2011: Alabama House approved Arizona-style immigration bill

3/16/2011: Oklahoma Senate approved Arizona-style immigration bill

3/15/2011: Utah governor signed package of immigration reform bills

3/4/2011: Utah legislature approved new version of Arizona-style immigration bill

2/22/2011: Indiana Senate approved Arizona-style immigration bill

2/17/2011: Utah House passed Arizona-style immigration bill

2/10/2011: Arizona governor countersued US government over immigration law

1/7/2011: Rights coalition sought to block additional provisions of Arizona immigration law

12/8/2010: House approved immigration reform bill

12/8/2010: Supreme Court mulled Arizona immigration employment law

11/5/2010: Nebraska high court declined to rule on local immigration ordinance

11/4/2010: Thirteen states filed brief supporting Arizona immigration hiring law

11/1/2010: Ninth Circuit heard arguments on Arizona immigration law

10/8/2010: Federal judge denied motion to dismiss suit challenging Arizona immigration law

10/6/2010: US announced record number of deportations in 2010

9/30/2010: Senators introduced immigration reform bill

9/23/2010: DOJ asked appeals court to uphold ruling on Arizona immigration law

9/3/2010: Federal appeals court allowed habeas challenge to deportation despite REAL ID Act

8/31/2010: Federal judge dismissed police officer suit against Arizona immigration law

8/27/2010: Arizona governor asked State Department to drop immigration law from UN rights report

8/26/2010: Arizona filed opening brief in immigration law appeal

8/11/2010: Florida AG proposed Arizona-style immigration law

7/30/2010: Ninth Circuit denied Arizona bid to expedite immigration law appeal

7/30/2010: Virginia AG ruled police may inquire about immigration status

7/29/2010: Arizona appealed order partially blocking immigration law

7/28/2010: Federal judge enjoined provisions of Arizona immigration law

7/21/2010: Nebraska city immigration law challenged

7/19/2010: US immigration court caseloads spiked amid government crackdown

7/19/2010: ABA filed second brief against Arizona immigration law

7/14/2010: Nine states filed amicus brief supporting Arizona immigration law

7/12/2010: DOJ considered second lawsuit against controversial Arizona immigration law

7/8/2010: HRW called for protection of immigrant rights in US reform

7/6/2010: DOJ filed lawsuit against controversial Arizona immigration law

6/30/2010: ABA filed brief against Arizona immigration law

6/28/2010: Tennessee governor signed immigration bill requiring police to check status of arrestees

6/28/2010: Supreme Court granted cert in Arizona immigration employment law

6/22/2010: Mexico government asked judge to strike down Arizona immigration law

6/18/2010: Obama administration reported plans to file lawsuit challenging Arizona immigration law

6/14/2010: US mayors passed resolution opposing Arizona immigration law

6/11/2010: Arizona officials asked judge to dismiss case challenging new immigration law

6/1/2010: Tucson joined Arizona immigration lawsuit

5/28/2010: Arizona governor removed state AG from immigration lawsuit defense

5/19/2010: Obama reaffirmed support for federal immigration reform

5/17/2010: ACLU filed lawsuit seeking injunction against Arizona immigration law

5/10/2010: UN rights experts claimed Arizona immigration law may violate international standards

5/1/2010: Nationwide rallies protested Arizona immigration law

5/1/2010: Arizona governor signed bill amending controversial immigration law

4/27/2010: Lawsuits challenged Arizona immigration law

4/26/2010: Mexico president criticized Arizona immigration law

4/23/2010: Arizona governor signed controversial illegal immigration bill

4/22/2010: Obama criticized proposed Arizona illegal immigrant law

4/19/2010: Arizona Senate approved strict illegal immigration bill

2/10/2010: Report indicated US illegal immigrant population declined in 2009

1/20/2010: Supreme Court ruled federal courts can review motions to reopen immigration cases

12/15/2009: Democratic lawmakers introduced immigration reform bill

12/3/2009: Reports claimed US immigration detention system violates individual rights

11/13/2009: DHS announced plans for immigration reform legislation

10/7/2009: DHS rescinded controversial ‘no-match’ employment rule

10/6/2009: US announced improvements to immigration detention facilities

8/17/2009: ICE acknowledged previously unreported immigration detainee deaths

8/6/2009: ICE announced major reforms to immigration detention policy

7/13/2009: Federal judge granted class-action status for immigrant fee challenge

7/10/2009: US immigration authorities announced changes to local enforcement policies

6/3/2009: US shifted focus of immigration enforcement from raids to employers

6/3/2009: US AG Holder reversed order denying deportees ineffective counsel claim

5/7/2009: White House proposed elimination of illegal alien incarceration program

4/22/2009: Supreme Court ruled traditional test governs stay of deportation requests

4/15/2009: Former federal prosecutor appointed to oversee US border policy

4/1/2009: Detained US immigrants sued ICE for facility conditions

3/25/2009: Rights group claimed US immigrant detention policy violates international Law

3/15/2009: Report revealed record number of detained US immigrants

2/24/2009: US Secretary of Homeland Security called for review of workplace immigration raid

2/4/2009: Bush immigration enforcement policies shown to be ineffective

1/7/2009: US AG ruled aliens cannot challenge deportation for ineffective legal assistance

11/6/2008: ICE reported US deporting record levels of undocumented immigrants

10/7/2008: Hundreds of suspected illegal aliens arrested in South Carolina raid

9/17/2008: Ninth Circuit rejected challenge to Arizona immigration law

9/4/2008: San Francisco mayor put ID card program on hold

9/3/2008: Dallas suburb faced lawsuit over ordinance targeting illegal immigrants

8/22/2008: US immigration authority abandoned voluntary deportation program

8/12/2008: US Homeland Security settled suit alleging naturalization delays

8/5/2008: ICE launched voluntary deportation program for illegal immigrants

7/24/2008: Arizona court ruled illegal immigrants can be prosecuted under anti-smuggling law

7/23/2008: San Francisco criticized for immigrant sanctuary law

6/9/2008: Bush executive order required federal contractors to certify US employment eligibility

6/4/2008: Federal judge enjoined Oklahoma immigration law employer provisions

5/24/2008: Hundreds of illegal immigrants sentenced to prison after Iowa raid

5/16/2008: Texas group sued Chertoff to block border fence construction

5/14/2008: US immigration agents faced problems transiting drugged deportees overseas

4/17/2008: Maine governor signed bill to stop illegal aliens from obtaining state IDs

4/4/2008: Rights groups challenged Arizona illegal immigrant bail law

4/3/2008: ICE sued over ‘illegal’ immigration raids

3/27/2008: Rhode Island governor signed order cracking down on illegal immigrants

3/24/2008: Dallas suburb enforced ordinance targeting illegal immigrants despite injunction

2/28/2008: Federal appeals court denied injunction against Arizona immigration law

2/26/2008: Labor panel said US immigration raids violating constitutional rights of workers

2/19/2008: Federal judge denied injunction against Arizona immigration law

2/13/2008: Chertoff reported DHS to approve ‘virtual fence’ on Mexico border

2/7/2008: Federal judge upheld Arizona immigration law

2/5/2008: Dallas suburb sued over revised rental ordinance targeting illegal immigrants

2/1/2008: US settled lawsuit over alleged forced drugging of immigrants

1/9/2008: US immigration officials told to seek court orders before sedating unwilling deportees

1/3/2008: Oklahoma immigration law faced new court challenge

12/12/2007: Rights groups filed new challenge to Arizona immigration law

12/7/2007: Federal judge upheld Arizona immigration law

11/30/2007: Federal judge rejected challenge to Virginia county immigration measures

11/27/2007: Federal appeals court affirmed dismissal of Massachusetts immigration raid lawsuit

10/22/2007: Federal judge dismissed lawsuit challenging Oklahoma immigration law

10/17/2007: DOJ figures showed increase in terrorism, immigration prosecutions

10/15/2007: Hispanic group challenged Oklahoma immigration law

9/24/2007: Federal government challenged Illinois immigration law

9/20/2007: ICE sued over immigration raids

8/22/2007: New Jersey AG ordered stricter reporting of illegal immigrant arrests

8/10/2007: Bush administration unveiled new immigration reforms

8/6/2007: NCSL reported state legislatures introducing more immigration laws

7/26/2007: Federal judge struck down Pennsylvania city illegal immigration laws

7/17/2007: HRW claimed US deportation of immigrants convicted of crimes ‘cruel’ and ‘senseless’

7/13/2007: GAO reported US detaining many more illegal immigrants

6/28/2007: US Senate rejected immigration reform bill

6/27/2007: Senate rejected two amendments to revived immigration bill

6/26/2007: Senate revived controversial immigration reform bill

6/19/2007: Chertoff, senators sparred over immigration reform bill

6/19/2007: ACLU lawsuit claimed US forcibly drugged immigrants during deportation bids

6/19/2007: Republicans introduced tougher immigration bill in US House

6/14/2007: Bush pushed for more border security funding in immigration bill

6/13/2007: ACLU filed lawsuit for immigration detainees seeking medical care

6/07/2007: Immigration reform bill stalled in Senate after cloture vote fails

6/6/2007: Federal appeals court allowed asylum for victims of forced abortions

6/6/2007: US Senate limited proposed temporary guest worker program to five years

5/25/2007: UN rights investigator said US committing violations

5/23/2007: Temporary guest worker program trimmed in Senate

5/22/2007: Federal agents arrested over 100 for immigration violations in Missouri raid

5/22/2007: Temporary guest worker program survived Senate opposition

5/21/2007: Federal court blocked Dallas suburb anti-illegal immigration ordinance

5/19/2007: White House defended immigration reform deal

5/17/2007: White House, senators struck immigration reform deal

5/15/2007: Dallas suburb anti-illegal immigration ordinance challenged in court

5/12/2007: Dallas suburb voters backed revised anti-illegal immigration ordinance

5/10/2007: Federal judge rejected Massachusetts return bid by immigration detainees

5/1/2007: Protestors across US marched for immigration reforms

4/22/2007: San Francisco mayor maintained city’s status as illegal immigrant ‘sanctuary’

3/22/2007: Pennsylvania city illegal immigration law trial concluded

3/14/2007: Pennsylvania city mayor testified in support of anti-illegal immigration laws

3/14/2007: Bush pressed immigration reform after meeting with new Mexico president

3/12/2007: Federal court weighed Pennsylvania city laws against illegal immigrants

2/21/2007: Mexico lobbied US for immigration reform

2/8/2007: Reported indicated US deportation practices hurting asylum-seekers

6/3/2006: Citizenship proof required for US-born infant Medicaid recipients under new policy

5/21/2006: Homeland Security said more funds needed for immigrant deportation