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Health Care Reform Timeline

6/28/12: Supreme Court upheld ACA

6/15/12: Senators asked Supreme Court to televise health care decision

6/15/12: News groups asked Supreme Court to broadcast announcement of health care decision

5/29/12: Washington judge ruled for state AG in health care suit

5/21/12: Catholic dioceses sued US government over employer insurance contraception requirements

3/29/12: Supreme Court heard final day of health care arguments

3/28/12: Supreme Court heard arguments on health care individual mandate

3/27/12: Supreme Court heard first day of arguments on health care act challenge

2/3/12: Federal government requested additional time for oral argument in health care reform case

1/6/12: US government defended health care minimum coverage requirement

1/10/12: 26 states claimed Medicaid expansion in health care law is unconstitutional

11/14/11: Supreme Court agreed to rule on health care reform law challenge from Eleventh Circuit

11/9/11: Ohio voters approved amendment prohibiting health care mandate

11/9/11: DC Circuit upheld constitutionality of health care law in Seven-Sky v. Holder

10/28/11: Advocacy group, lawmakers asked Supreme Court to hear health care challenge

10/26/11: Chamber of Commerce urged Supreme Court to resolve health care controversy

10/15/11: Federal judge denied FOIA request for Kagan involvement in health care reform

10/11/11: Liberty University asked Supreme Court to review health care law

10/4/11: Virginia appealed health care dismissal to Supreme Court

9/29/11: Both sides appealed to Supreme Court on health care law

9/27/11: Obama administration cleared path for Supreme Court to rule on health care mandate

9/14/11: Federal judge ruled mandatory insurance provision unconstitutional in Bachman v. Sebelius

9/9/11: Fourth Circuit rejected Virginia health care law challenge in Virginia v. Sebelius

9/2/11: Federal judge allowed Mississippi health care reform challenge to proceed

8/12/11: Eleventh Circuit found individual health care mandate unconstitutional in Florida v. DHHS

8/3/11: Third Circuit dismissed health care suit for lack of standing

7/27/11: TMLC petitioned Supreme Court over Sixth Circuit ruling in TMLC v. Obama

6/29/11: Sixth Circuit found individual mandate constitutional in TMLC v. Obama

6/22/11: Third Circuit heard oral arguments in health care law challenge

6/8/11: Eleventh Circuit heard arguments in Florida v. DHHS

6/1/11: Sixth Circuit heard arguments in TMLC v. Obama

5/27/11: Vermont passed single-payer health care law and implemented exchange under federal reform

5/17/11: ACLJ appealed ruling in Mead v. Holder

5/10/11: Fourth Circuit heard oral arguments in Virginia v. Sebelius

4/26/11: Federal judge in Missouri dismissed health care lawsuit

4/25/11: Supreme Court rejected Virginia petition for expedited review in Virginia v. Sebelius

4/20/11: Federal judge in New Jersey dismissed health care challenge

4/20/11: Idaho governor blocked state implementation of health care law

3/30/11: Federal judge in New Hampshire dismissed health care challenge

3/11/11: Eleventh Circuit agreed to expedited appeal in Florida v. DHHS

3/8/11: DOJ appealed ruling in Florida v. DHHS

3/3/11: Federal judge stayed injunction in Florida v. Sebelius

2/22/11: Federal judge in DC dismissed health care challenge in Mead v. Holder

2/8/11: Virginia petitioned Supreme Court for expedited ruling in Virginia v. Sebelius

2/3/11: Federal judge in Mississippi dismissed health care challenge

2/2/11: Senate rejected bill to repeal health care reform

1/31/11: Federal judge ruled individual mandate unconstitutional in Florida v. DHHS

1/19/11: House passed legislation repealing health care reform in its entirety

1/18/11: DOJ appealed ruling in Virginia v. Sebelius

1/12/11: Kansas joined challenge in Florida v. DHHS

12/13/10: Federal judge ruled individual mandate unconstitutional in Virginia v. Sebelius

12/8/10: Federal judge dismissed New Jersey health care suit, upholding health care law

11/30/10: Federal judge dismissed challenge filed by Liberty University

11/19/10: Republican senators filed brief supporting challenge in Florida v. DHHS

11/2/10: Voters in Arizona and Oklahoma approved measures to block individual mandate

10/14/10: Federal judge denied motion to dismiss in Florida v. DHHS

10/7/10: Federal judge dismissed TMLC v. Obama, finding health care law constitutional

8/3/10: Missouri voters passed law barring individual mandate

8/2/10: Federal judge denied motion to dismiss in Virginia v. Sebelius

6/7/10: Virginia responded to motion to dismiss suit

5/14/10: Small business lobby group joined Florida v. DHHS

4/13/10: Georgia joined Florida v. DHHS

4/7/10: Indiana, North Dakota, Mississippi, Nevada, and Arizona joined Florida v. DHHS

3/30/10: Obama signed health care amendments into law

3/23/10: Thomas More Law Center filed suit against health care law, TMLC v. Obama

3/23/10: Virginia Attorney General filed separate lawsuit against health care law, Virginia v. Sebelius

3/23/10: Attorneys general of 13 states initiated first lawsuit against health care reform, Florida v. DHHS

3/23/10: Obama signed health care bill into law

3/21/10: House passed Senate health care bill

3/17/10: Idaho governor signed law barring federal health insurance mandate

3/10/10: Virginia legislature passed bill barring federal health insurance mandate

12/24/09: Senate approved health care reform

11/7/09: House passed health care reform

10/29/09: New version of House health care bill introduced

10/13/09: Senate Finance Committee approved health care reform bill