Concealed and Open Carry under the Second Amendment Archives
Concealed and Open Carry under the Second Amendment

06/26/2014: Federal judge upheld Colorado gun control laws

04/23/2014: Georgia governor signed bill expanding gun carry rights

03/31/2014: Federal judge ruled immigrants have same gun carrying rights as citizens

03/25/2014: Ninth Circuit upheld San Francisco gun control laws

02/13/2014: Ninth Circuit overturned California concealed weapons ban

05/31/2013: Illinois Senate approved concealed weapons bill

03/21/2013: Fourth Circuit upheld Maryland concealed carry permit restrictions

12/11/2012: Seventh Circuit struck down Illinois ban on concealed carry

06/28/2010: US Supreme Court found that Second Amendment applied to the states in McDonald v. Chicago

06/26/2008: US Supreme Court held DC handgun ban unconstitutional in District of Columbia v. Heller