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Bank Settlements

02/10/2014: Better Markets sued DOJ over JP Morgan settlement.

02/04/2014: JP Morgan Chase paid 614 million in mortgage lending settlement.

01/31/2014: New York judge approved Bank of America settlement over mortgage-backed securities.

10/25/2013: US government reached 51 billion settlement with JP Morgan Chase.

10/24/2013: US sued Bank of America for 1 billion in mortgage fraud case.

10/23/2013: Bank of America found liable in mortgage fraud case.

10/20/2013: JP Morgan reached 13 billion settlement with DOJ.

08/06/2013: DOJ sued Bank of American for fraud relating to financial crisis.

01/06/2013: Bank of America reached 10 billion settlement with Fannie Mae over Faulty Lending Practices.

01/06/2013: Bank of America paid 85 billion to settle bad mortgage-backed securities claims.

12/21/2011: Bank of America paid 335 million to settle discriminatory lending claims.