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JURIST: The Legal Education Network presents this mini-Guide to future Supreme Court appointments in the Bush Administation, featuring our exclusive running log of potential Court appointees as mentioned in the national press.

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  • "The voters will know I'll put competent judges on the bench, people who will strictly interpret the Constitution and will not use the bench to write social policy. And that's going to be a big difference between my opponent and me. I believe that -- I believe that the judges ought not to take the place of the legislative branch of government, that they're appointed for life and that they ought to look at the Constitution as sacred. They shouldn't misuse their bench. I don't believe in liberal, activist judges. I believe in -- I believe in strict constructionists. And those are the kind of judges I will appoint." [1st Presidential Debate, October 3, 2000; transcript CNN]
Possible Bush Nominees

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Members of the Supreme Court are appointed by the President subject to the approval of the Senate. To ensure an independent Judiciary and to protect judges from partisan pressures, the Constitution provides that judges serve during "good Behaviour," which has generally meant life terms. To further assure their independence, the Constitution provides that judges' salaries may not be diminished while they are in office.

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