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War Correspondence

During and immediately following the 1999 Kosovo war the following e-mail letters and messages were sent to JURIST: The Law Professors' Network by lawyers, law students, law professors and other academic and special correspondents from Yugoslavia. Some of these e-mails were legal analyses, some were situation reports, and some were personal stories. The names and affiliations of a number of our correspondents were withheld to protect their identities. While this forum was shared by Yugoslavs from different ethnic backgrounds, readers should note that most of our Yugoslavian e-mail came from Serbia (for wartime e-mails and messages from Kosovar refugees, see Kosovo Calling). For correspondence on postwar developments in Kosovo and Yugoslavia, see Letters to JURIST. Any opinions expressed in these e-mails are exclusively those of their authors.

JURIST readers offered a number of responses to the e-mails.

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