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US Campaign Finance Timeline

2/19/2013: Supreme Court granted certiorari in campaign finance case

11/7/2012: Colorado, Montana passed ballot measures seeking campaign finance reform

10/24/2012: Seventh Circuit allowed cap on campaign contributions for upcoming election

10/23/2012: Supreme Court rejected challenge of Montana political contribution limits

10/16/2012: Ninth Circuit allowed Montana campaign contribution limits for upcoming election

10/9/2012: Ninth Circuit reinstated Montana campaign finance law

10/3/2012: Federal judge struck down Montana campaign finance law

9/10/2012: Federal appeals court upheld Illinois campaign donor disclosure law

9/7/2012: West Virginia high court found public campaign financing law unconstitutional

8/3/2012: Sixth Circuit struck down Ohio law restricting doctors' campaign contributions

8/3/2012: Nebraska Supreme Court struck down campaign finance law

6/28/2012: Federal appeals court reversed ruling that corporations can donate to campaigns

6/25/2012: Supreme Court struck down Montana campaign finance law

5/26/2012: Federal judge struck down ban on corporate donations to candidates

4/29/2010: Senate Democrats introduced bill to limit corporate campaign spending

1/28/2010: US President Barack Obama criticized Citizens United decision in State of the Union speech

1/21/2010: US Supreme Court eased corporate spending restrictions in Citizens United v. FEC

5/2/2003: US Supreme Court upheld Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act's soft money ban in McConnell v. FEC

3/27/2002: Senator Mitch McConnell challenged constitutionality of Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act

3/27/2002: President George W. Bush signed Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act into law

1/30/1976: US Supreme Court decided case of Buckley v. Valeo

2/7/1972: Federal Election Campaign Act enacted

6/25/1910: The Publicity Act enacted

6/9/1906: The Tillman Act passed the Senate

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