Same-Sex Marriage Timeline

11/14/2013: Hawaii legalized same-sex marriage.

11/8/2013: Idaho couples filed same-sex marriage lawsuit.

11/7/2013: Hawaii judge refused to block same-sex marriage legalization.

11/5/2013: Illinois House voted to legalize same-sex marriage.

10/30/2013: Colorado couple sought to overturn state ban on same-sex marriage.

10/30/2013: Hawaii Senate approved same-sex marriage bill.

10/29/2013: Missouri high court denied same-sex partner survivor benefits.

10/15/2013: Oregon couples challenged same-sex marriage ban.

10/14/2013: North Carolina official to begin accepting same-sex marriage licenses.

10/10/2013: New Jersey judge denied state's motion to halt same-sex marriages.

9/27/2013: Illinois judge permitted same-sex marriage cases to go to trial.

9/18/2013: US to begin recognizing all same-sex marriages for employee benefit purposes.

9/12/2013: Pennsylvania judge ordered clerk to stop issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

9/10/2013: Lawsuit challenged Kentucky same-sex marriage ban.

8/29/2013: US to begin recognizing all same-sex marriages for federal tax purposes.

8/27/2013: New Mexico judge ruled same-sex marriage legal.

8/23/2013: Texas Supreme Court to rule on same-sex divorce.

8/14/2013: California Supreme Court ended legal challenges to same-sex marriage.

8/14/2013: US military will provide equal benefits to same-sex spouses.

8/2/2013: US to begin processing same-sex visa applications.

7/22/2013: Federal judge ruled in favor of Ohio same-sex couple married out-of-state.

7/16/2013: California high court rejected request to halt same-sex marriages.

7/11/2013: Pennsylvania AG will not defend same-sex marriage ban.

6/30/2013: Supreme Court justice refused to block California same-sex marriages

6/29/2013: Proposition 8 backers filed petition to halt same-sex weddings

6/28/2013: Ninth Circuit lifted California's ban on same-sex marriage

6/28/2013: Federal judge blocked Michigan's ban on domestic partner benefits

6/27/2013: Supreme Court issued final orders of term

6/26/2013: California governor ordered marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples

6/26/2013: Supreme Court struck down DOMA and dismissed Proposition 8 appeal

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