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Don't Ask, Don't Tell Timeline

9/20/11: DADT repeal took effect

9/16/11: House GOP members sent letter asking to delay repeal of DADT

9/1/11: DOJ asked appeals court to vacate DADT ruling

7/22/11: Ninth Circuit partially reinstated DADT

7/22/11: Obama certified DADT repeal

7/15/11: Ninth Circuit partially reinstated DADT

7/14/11: DOJ asked appeals court to reinstate DADT

7/6/11: Federal court ordered immediate end to enforcement of DADT

5/26/11: House passed defense authorization bill delaying DADT repeal

5/12/11: House panel approved measure requiring military certification of DADT repeal

5/12/11: House panel approved measure requiring military certification of DADT repeal

4/1/11: Undersecretary reported DADT repeal training on track

2/25/11: DOJ sought delay of DADT review

1/28/11: Ninth Circuit declined to delay appeal challenging DADT

1/10/11: Log Cabin Republicans asked court to resume DADT appeal

12/29/11: DOJ sought to delay DADT appeal

12/22/10: Obama signed DADT repeal

12/18/10: Senate voted to repeal DADT

12/15/10: House voted to repeal DADT

12/13/10: Service members discharged under DADT filed suit seeking reinstatement

12/9/10: Senate blocked vote to repeal DADT

12/3/10: Senate committee heard conflicting DADT testimony from military chiefs

11/30/10: DOD concluded little negative impact from DADT repeal

11/24/10: Discharged officer's reinstatement appealed by DOJ

11/12/10: Supreme Court refused to block DADT enforcement

11/10/10: ACLU filed suit over military policy cutting payments to discharged gay service members

11/10/10: DOJ asked Supreme Court to allow DADT enforcement

11/7/10: Gates called for repeal of DADT before seating of new Congress

11/5/10: Log Cabin Republicans petitioned Supreme Court to suspend DADT

11/1/10: Ninth Circuit indefinitely extended order preventing suspension of DADT

10/21/10: DOD limited DADT discharge authority

10/20/10: Ninth Circuit temporarily reinstated DADT

10/19/10: DOD ordered military recruiters to accept openly gay applicants

10/19/10: Federal judge denied DOJ request to reinstate DADT

10/14/10: DOJ moved to reinstate DADT

10/12/10: Federal judge ordered military to suspend DADT

9/24/10: Federal judge ordered Air Force officer reinstated

9/23/10: DOJ asked California district court to not enforce decision overturning DADT

9/21/10: Senate failed to advance DADT repeal

9/9/10: Federal judge struck down DADT

8/11/10: Air Force officer sued to prevent discharge under DADT

7/13/10: Federal trial challenging DADT began

5/30/10: Joint Chiefs urged delay to DADT repeal pending review

5/28/10: House approved defense spending bill containing DADT repeal

5/27/10: Congress advanced DADT repeal legislation

5/24/10: Obama backed amendment to DADT repeal legislation mandating comprehensive policy review

3/25/10: Gates announced stricter requirements for expelling gays from military

3/18/10: Retired general testified before Senate committee against DADT repeal

3/3/10: Bill to repeal DADT introduced in Senate

2/23/10: US Army leaders expressed concern over DADT suspension

2/2/10: Gates announced panel to prepare for repeal of DADT

1/14/10: DOD lawyers advised military to wait to repeal DADT

10/14/09: DOJ pledged to fight discrimination based on sexual orientation

10/11/09: Thousands participated in National Equality March to support repeal of DADT

7/27/09: Senate committee announced hearings on DADT

6/8/09: Supreme Court declined to review DADT

11/17/08: Retired military officers called for repeal of DADT

6/9/08: First Circuit dismissed DADT challenge

5/21/08: Ninth Circuit upheld challenge to DADT

4/24/06: Federal judge dismissed DADT challenge

7/6/05: Federal judge agreed to hear DADT challenge

12/6/04: Twelve discharged soldiers challenged DADT

1/23/03: Human Rights Watch released report critical of DADT

12/21/93: DADT policy implemented

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