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Thursday, April 12, 2012

UN completed Sri Lanka war crimes report
Katherine Bacher at 12:00 AM ET

On April 12, 2011, the UN announced the completion of a report investigating allegations of war crimes in Sri Lanka. However, the report was not released until Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa had an opportunity to review it. The Sri Lankan Ministry of External Affairs reported they were not concerned with the report and that a UN war crimes panel would be allowed to visit the country in October 2011. Sri Lanka had previously established the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) in August 2010. However, Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International (AI) and the International Crisis Group (ICG) all declined to testify before the Commission in response to concerns over the body's impartiality. Sri Lanka has faced numerous allegations of human rights violations during the final months of the country's bitter 30-year civil war. In March 2012, the UN Human Rights Council renewed calls for a more thorough probe of the Sri Lankan war crimes allegations.

Flag of Sri Lanka

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