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Judge upholds New York state gun law
April 17, 2014
A trial judge for the Supreme Court of New York dismissed a lawsuit on Thursday challenging the state's strict gun laws. The plaintiffs, a group of gun rights activists, argued that the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013 (SAFE Act) infringes upon rights granted by the st....... [more]

Iran to sue US over UN nominee's visa denial
April 14, 2014
A foreign ministry spokesperson on Monday said that Iran plans to sue the US over its refusal to grant an entry visa to Hamid Aboutalebi, Tehran's newly-proposed ambassador to the United Nations (UN). As the UN is based in New York, this US decision bars the nominee from taking up and carrying out....... [more]

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit against credit card issuers
April 11, 2014
Judge William Pauley of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissed a class action lawsuit on Thursday against American Express, Citigroup and Discover Financial Services that alleged the three credit card issuers violated the Sherman Antitrust Act by colluding to require t....... [more]

Stop, Question and Frisk
April 8, 2014
02/07/2014: NYC police unions pursued stop and frisk appeal. 01/31/2014: New York mayor dropped appeal to stop and frisk reform. 11/22/2013: Federal appeals court upheld stop and frisk ruling. 10/31/2013: Federal appeals court blocked NYPD stop and frisk changes. 09/17/2013: Federal judge reject....... [more]

Constitutional Challenges
April 8, 2014
Whether or not programs like New York's Stop-Question,-and-Frisk (SQF) are within the bounds of the U.S. Constitution is the primary challenge facing such programs. Similar programs, that have faced similar challenges and criticisms, exist in Newark, Philadelphia, and other cities. These challenges....... [more]

April 8, 2014
"Stop-question-and-frisk" (SQF), a form of proactive policing where officers detain and search persons suspected of illegal activity, has been used by police departments for decades. SQF searches are intended to maintain a level of officer vigilance targeting low-level criminal offenses in order to....... [more]

Stop, Question and Frisk
April 8, 2014
Stop, Question and Frisk is a proactive policing program, in which police officers use personal discretion in detaining individuals based on suspicion of felonious behavior. Recent claims of prejudice raised against the New York City Police Department are rooted in substantive law passed during the....... [more]

Federal appeals court upholds NYC ban on religious services in schools
April 4, 2014
The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on Thursday upheld a regulation by the New York City Board of Education banning religious groups from holding worship services in school buildings. The ruling reverses a district court's 2012 decision that the ban violated the Free Exercise and Establis....... [more]

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit against Chinese search engine Baidu
March 28, 2014
A judge for the US District Court for the Southern District of New York on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit brought by eight New Yorkers claiming that Chinese search engineBaidu's algorithms illegally block political speech. The plaintiffs, writers and video producers, claimed that the search engine pre....... [more]

Bin Laden's son-in-law found guilty of conspiring to kill Americans
March 26, 2014
Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, the son-in-law of Osama bin Laden, was found guilty on Wednesday of both conspiring to kill Americans and providing terrorists with material support, following a jury trial in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. Abu Ghaith, who was convicted for his ro....... [more]

Five Madoff associates found guilty for connections to Ponzi scheme
March 25, 2014
A federal jury in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York on Monday returned a guilty verdict for five former associates of Bernard Madoff on charges they aided and profited from the Ponzi scheme that defrauded billions of dollars from investors. The former co-workers include: ex....... [more]