Burt Neuborne - JURIST Interview

JURIST’s Arjun Mishra interviews famous Supreme Court litigator and civil rights defender Burt Neuborne on his recent book, Madison’s Music: On Reading the First Amendment. Neuborne helped found the Brennan Center of Justice at NYU, has served as Legal Director of the ACLU and special counsel of NOW, and has litigated important cases throughout his career in front of the land’s highest court. He has litigated on free speech issues, flag burning, and the Vietnam War, among others. A vociferous defender of civil liberties, Neuborne discusses how Madison’s First Amendment has a lyrical rhyme and reason to its construction, and that interpretations of the amendment are deaf to that music. His book reflects on how Madison's construction of the First Amendment should facilitate egalitarian democracy. Instead of being democracy’s best friend, the First Amendment is not promoting democracy in its current reading. Neuborne expands upon his thesis, discusses current events, and even talks some baseball.

A special thank you to Bev Rivero and the New Press, publisher of Mr. Nueborne's book. The book is available online and wherever books are sold. 


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