JURIST End of the (Academic) Year Review

On this episode of the JURIST podcast, JURIST writers and editors discuss some of their favorite articles published on the site this year. A trend emerged in the first three articles of technological advances outpacing developments in the law.

JURIST podcast moderator Ian Everhart discussed Joseph Vacek’s article “ALJ Decision May Usher In Legal Use of Commercial Drones,” in which an administrative law judge at the Federal Aviation Administration ruled in favor of Rafael “Trappy” Pirker, who used a camera-equipped drone to take footage of the campus at the University of Virginia and other places, which he then sold. The case was decided on a technicality: The rule banning commercial drones had not been published in accordance with the required public notice and comment provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act.

URIST associate editor Genevieve Redd chose JURIST’s coverage of Edward Snowden and the public debate about security and privacy that his disclosures of classified material have prompted. The panel discusses the ways the tracking of phone and Internet records may or may not be an invasion of privacy, and how it relates to the United States v. Jones GPS tracking case. The Snowden affair was previously discussed on JURIST Podcast Episode 1 in July 2013.

Sean Gallagher, JURIST’s managing editor, presented an article on the Aereo litigation, headed for argument at the U.S. Supreme Court soon. Aereo uses an array of tiny antennae to receive broadcast television signals and then streams that content to subscribers, who can replay the television content on computers, tablets and smartphones. The case raises the question as to whether streaming the content to subscribers constitutes “public performacne” under the Copyright Act.

Arjun Mishra, JURIST’s senior editor for features, discussed JURIST’s recent feature on the crisis in Ukraine, including the annexation of Crimea by Russia. The panel discusses how this is part of a trend for Russia to set itself up as a counterbalance to the United States in international affairs, and follows the 2008 conflict in Georgia, Russia’s grant of asylum to Edward Snowden and its support for the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria’s ongoing civil war. The crisis in Ukraine was previously discussed on the JURIST podcast in February 2014.


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