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November 2015
18 Nov 2015

JURIST Editorial Coordinator Josh Guckert and Social Media Coordinator Matt Belenky discuss the ongoing War on Drugs, and the newest developments in the US. Several states have moved to legalize recreational marijuana and reform sentencing for drug offenses, in stark contrast to past policies which attempted to harshly punish those …

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18 Nov 2015

JURIST Editorial Coordinator Josh Guckert and Social Media Coordinator Matt Belenky discuss the recent controversy which found itself in court concerning the National Football League and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. After Brady was suspended for four games by the league for allegedly tampering (or having knowledge of …

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April 2015
21 Apr 2015

JURIST Editorial Coordinator Arjun Mishra interviews famous Constitutional law scholar and author, Kenji Yoshino. Kenji Yoshino is one of the most prominent scholars of the Constitution and the Chief Justice Earl Warren Professor of Constitutional Law at New York University School of Law. His main areas of expertise are anti-discrimination …

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February 2015
27 Feb 2015

JURIST’s Arjun Mishra interviews famous Supreme Court litigator and civil rights defender Burt Neuborne on his recent book, Madison’s Music: On Reading the First Amendment. Neuborne helped found the Brennan Center of Justice at NYU, has served as Legal Director of the ACLU and special counsel of NOW, and has …

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November 2014
4 Nov 2014

JURIST host Genevieve Redd bids you all a fair Election Day with a review of riveting developments on the Voter Photo ID laws in Texas as presented in State Constitutional First Principles in Challenging the Texas Voter ID Law, the challenges to them, and how voters are left in a …

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October 2014
28 Oct 2014

JURIST host Genevieve Redd reviews turbulent marriage laws in Texas - gay marriage, transgender marriage - you name it, it is coming up on the docket. Texas is becoming a surprising hot bed of marriage legal debates.  …

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21 Oct 2014

JURIST host Genevieve Redd interviews Businessweek newswriter and editor Paul M. Barrett on his newly released book, discussing the David versus Goliath legal battle template, and the oil fields in the rain forest that turned it on its head. …

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7 Oct 2014

JURIST PaperChaser Taylor Gillan discusses the landmark case of Hall v. Florida, and the implications it holds for the Eighth Amendment and the Death Penalty with host Genevieve Redd …

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September 2014
23 Sep 2014

JURIST Podcast host Genevieve Redd launches into a Summer Review and Fall Preview, including the hottest topics resolved in Courts around the world, as well as pressing questions for the Fall:The Rome Statute of the ICC as a lens for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. How does the conflict measure up to …

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23 Sep 2014

JURIST kicks off the fall season with our first ever edition of the "legally quirky": relevant and slightly baffling legal news.A monument of the Ten Commandments is under siege in Oklahoma. Not only is the ACLU of Oklahoma challenging the presence of a statue on government property, but the Satanic Temple, is pressing …

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April 2014
28 Apr 2014

On this episode of the JURIST podcast, JURIST writers and editors discuss some of their favorite articles published on the site this year. A trend emerged in the first three articles of technological advances outpacing developments in the law. JURIST podcast moderator Ian Everhart discussed Joseph Vacek’s article “ALJ Decision …

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7 Apr 2014

On this episode of the JURIST Podcast, moderator Ian Everhart and Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Policy & Strategy Corin R. Stone discussed reforms that have taken place in the US intelligence community over the past decade. The report of the 9/11 Commission suggested a number of changes for …

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February 2014
26 Feb 2014

On this episode of the JURIST Podcast, Pitt Law students Taras Shablii and Slava Opeida discuss the recent protests, legislation and political deals to come out of their native Ukraine. They gave some background on the cause of the first wave of protests: the suspension of negotiations on a long-expected …

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4 Feb 2014

Representatives from the Abolitionist Law Center joined JURIST podcast moderator Ian Everhart to discuss their efforts at reform in the Pennsylvania criminal justice and prison system in this episode. ALC Executive Director Bret Grote and ALC staff attorney Dustin McDaniel shared information about their organization, the mission of which is …

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November 2013
24 Nov 2013

In this episode, University of Pittsburgh School of Law Professor David Harris discusses the implications of recent successful initiatives in Washington and Colorado to eliminate criminal penalties for the sale, use and possession of marijuana. …

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October 2013
30 Oct 2013

In this installment of the JURIST Podcast, Professor Anthony Infanti of the University of Pittsburgh discusses the Strange Tax Bedfellows [JURIST op-ed] that have found themselves aligned on the issue of abolishing the joint income tax return. Infanti says that the passage of same-sex marriage legislation in several states has …

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July 2013
31 Jul 2013

We are proud to announce the release of a new JURIST endeavor: the JURIST Podcast. On a monthly basis, our editors, contributors, professional staff and other friends of JURIST will get together to discuss the issues of the day. We hope that the podcast will allow us to treat your …

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