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Legal news from Wednesday, November 3, 2010
15:11 EDT

[JURIST] The US Supreme Court [official website; JURIST news archive] heard oral arguments [day call, PDF; merit briefs] Wednesday in Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn [oral arguments transcript, PDF; JURIST report] on the constitutionality of an Arizona tax credit for donations to organizations that provide scholarships at private [read more]

15:11 EDT

[JURIST] A French court on Wednesday ordered Callixte Mbarushimana, the alleged leader of the rebel group the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) [GlobalSecurity backgrounder], to face trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) [official website] in The Hague. Mbarushimana will be tried [BBC report] on allegations that [read more]

15:11 EDT

[JURIST] Washington state voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected an attempt [election results] to institute an income tax, with over 65 percent of the electorate voting against the initiative. Initiative 1098 [text, PDF] endeavored to establish a tax on those with incomes above $200,000, and those filing jointly with incomes over [read more]

14:11 EDT

[JURIST] Nevada voters rejected [official results] a ballot measure Tuesday to amend the state constitution [text] to repeal and amend provisions relating to the government's use of eminent domain to acquire private property. The amendment [summary, PDF] sought to define five exceptions to a general prohibition against exercising eminent domain [read more]

13:11 EDT

[JURIST] Voters in Niger have voted overwhelmingly to approve a new constitution, according to results published Tuesday. Military leaders of the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy (CSRD), who have held power after staging a coup [JURIST report] in February to oust then-president Mamadou Tandja [BBC profile], assert that [read more]

13:11 EDT

[JURIST] Colorado voters struck down [Denver Post report] a ballot initiative [text, PDF] Tuesday that would have amended the state's constitution [text] to extend rights to fetuses and would have effectively outlawed abortion [JURIST news archive]. Proposed Amendment 62 [Project Vote Smart backgrounder], commonly known as the "Personhood Amendment," would [read more]

12:11 EDT

[JURIST] The County Court of Zagreb [official website, in Croatian] on Wednesday sentenced six men for the murder of top Croatian journalist, Ivo Pukanic, who was killed in a car bombing in 2008. The court held that the actions committed by the convicted men constituted organized crime, which targeted Pukanic [read more]

12:11 EDT

[JURIST] The citizens of Kansas voted Tuesday to enact Senate Resolution 1611 [text, PDF], clarifying the right to bear arms. Kansas Amendment 1: Right to Bear Arms, which passed 89 percent to 11 percent [unofficial results], will amend section 4 of the Kansas Constitution [text, PDF], which previously read: "The [read more]

11:11 EDT

[JURIST] Voters in California, Arizona, South Dakota and Oregon on Tuesday rejected a range of marijuana-based propositions, including legalization in California and medical marijuana initiatives in South Dakota and Arizona. In California, Proposition 19 [text, PDF], which was defeated by a 54-46 margin [LAT report], would have legalized the sale [read more]

11:11 EDT

[JURIST] A Turkish Magistrate Court in Ankara reinstated the nearly-three year ban on YouTube [media website; JURIST news archive] on Tuesday, just days after it was lifted. The court ordered access to YouTube blocked [Anatolia report, in Turkish] after video of former opposition leader Deniz Baykal in a bedroom with [read more]

10:11 EDT

[JURIST] Arizona voters on Tuesday approved [results] Proposition 107, amending the state constitution [HCR 2019 text] to ban affirmative action [JURIST news archive] programs in state government agencies. The measure was passed by the state House of Representatives and placed on the ballot after the Senate [official websites] also approved [read more]

10:11 EDT

[JURIST] The UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) [official website] announced Wednesday that Google UK [corporate website; JURIST news archive] has committed a "significant breach" [press release, ashx] of the Data Protection Act [text] through its data collection practices for its Street View maps [website]. During the investigation, authorities found that [read more]

09:11 EDT

[JURIST] Oklahoma voters on Tuesday approved State Question 755 [text, PDF], an amendment to the state constitution [text] that bans the use of Islamic or international law in state court decisions. The amendment, also known as the Save Our State amendment, was approved by voters 70 percent to 30 percent [read more]

08:11 EDT

[JURIST] The voters of Arizona, Oklahoma and Colorado on Tuesday voted on state constitutional amendments seeking to make the individual mandate provision of the recent health care reform law [HR 3590 materials; JURIST news archive] unenforceable in their states. In Arizona, Proposition 106 [text] passed 55.4 percent to 44.6 percent [read more]

07:11 EDT

[JURIST] The government of Kosovo dissolved its parliament [press release, in Albanian] Tuesday after the coalition led by the Democratic League of Kosovo (DLK) fell to a vote of no confidence brought by the opposition. The DLK's parliamentary majority was lost in September when its leader, then-president Fatmir Sejdiu, resigned [read more]

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