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Legal news from Thursday, October 18, 2007
20:10 EDT

[JURIST] European Union (EU) leaders reached agreement on the text of a proposed EU Reform Treaty [PDF text; EU materials] at a summit [EU materials] in Lisbon early Friday local time, working through last minute objections by Poland and Italy. Much of the summit focused on reservations by those countries; [read more]

19:10 EDT

[JURIST] US lawmakers apologized Thursday to Maher Arar [advocacy website; CBC timeline], a Canadian engineer who was detained in the US in 2002 after flying to New York from Tunisia on his way home to Ottawa after a holiday and later deported to Syria, where he was tortured. Appearing by [read more]

19:10 EDT

[JURIST] US Attorney General-nominee Michael Mukasey [WH fact sheet; PBWT profile] refused on the second day of his confirmation hearings [witness list] before the Senate Judiciary Committee [official website] Thursday to say whether he considers "waterboarding" — a technique that induces the effects of being drowned — to be a [read more]

18:10 EDT

[JURIST] An employment non-discrimination bill protecting gays, lesbians, and bisexuals but not transgendered individuals has been sent to the full US House of Representatives for consideration after being approved [press release] by the House Education and Labor Committee Thursday. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act [PDF text; HR 3685 materials] covers hiring [read more]

18:10 EDT

[JURIST] The US Senate Intelligence Committee [official website] Thursday debated a draft bill that would grant immunity from prosecution to telecommunications companies [JURIST report] that assisted in government eavesdropping between 2001 and 2007. The bill, which would amend the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act [text], also includes a provision requiring [read more]

18:10 EDT

[JURIST] Turkey will hold a constitutional reform referendum on Sunday as scheduled, the Turkish Supreme Electoral Council [official website, in Turkish] said Wednesday. The referendum addresses a package of proposed reforms which include reducing the maximum parliamentary from five years to four; requiring a legislative voting quorum of one-third of [read more]

15:10 EDT

[JURIST] The military government of Myanmar [JURIST news archive] Thursday said it will form a 54-member commission to draft a new national constitution [JURIST news archive] as the next stage in its seven-step plan to move toward democratic rule. The commission reportedly will be comprised of both military and civilian [read more]

15:10 EDT

[JURIST] Former Khmer Rouge official Nuon Chea [GenocideWatch report] on Thursday selected [press release, PDF] Dutch lawyer Michiel Pestman [firm profile] to serve as foreign counsel in his upcoming trial before the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) [official website; JURIST news archive], the ECCC said Thursday on [read more]

14:10 EDT

[JURIST] Rwandan genocide suspect Dominique Ntawukuriryayo [ICTR website] has been arrested in France, a UN spokesperson said Thursday. Ntawukuriryayo, a former public official, had been on the run from the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) [official website], where he has been charged [indictment, PDF] with genocide, complicity in genocide [read more]

14:10 EDT

[JURIST] The Supreme Court of Pakistan [official website] Wednesday dismissed concerns that President Pervez Musharraf [official website] would declare martial law [JURIST report] if the court invalidates his disputed election victory, with the top presiding judge telling the court that such fears will not influence the court's decision making. The [read more]

13:10 EDT

[JURIST] The International Criminal Court (ICC) [official website; JURIST news archive] said Thursday that former Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) warlord Germain Katanga [Trial Watch profile; ICC materials] has been transferred [press release] to the court's detention center [PDF backgrounder] at The Hague. The ICC Office of the Prosecutor [read more]

11:10 EDT

[JURIST] House Democrats withdrew the RESTORE Act of 2007 ("Responsible Electronic Surveillance That is Overseen, Reviewed and Effective Act of 2007") [HR 3773 summary; HJC summary, PDF] from the House floor for consideration Wednesday after Republicans moved to attach an amendment to the bill which would have been politically awkward [read more]

10:10 EDT

[JURIST] FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin [official profile] has circulated a schedule that calls for a final FCC vote in December on a proposal to relax media ownership rules [FCC backgrounder]. Under the current rules, a company may not own a television station and a newspaper in the same market, [read more]

09:10 EDT

[JURIST] US authorities have delivered Ali Hassan al-Majid [BBC profile; JURIST news archive], better known in Western media as "Chemical Ali," to a location near a prison gallows in Baghdad where he is expected to be transferred into Iraqi custody to be executed, an Iraqi police official said Wednesday. Al-Majid, [read more]

08:10 EDT

[JURIST] Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto [BBC profile] returned home to Pakistan Thursday after nine years of self-imposed exile in Great Britain and Dubai following corruption charges. Bhutto, who continued to lead the Pakistani People's Party [party website] during her exile, is a political rival [BBC backgrounder] of Pakistani [read more]

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