Legal news from Wednesday, April 26, 2006
18:04 EDT

[JURIST] The US Supreme Court [official website; JURIST news archive] on Wednesday considered whether a death row inmate can challenge the constitutionality of a state's method of lethal injection [JURIST news archive] under 42 USC 1983 [text] even when all other appeals have been exhausted. The court agreed to hear [read more]

17:04 EDT

[JURIST] Supporters of ousted Philippines president Joseph Estrada [BBC profile] protested Wednesday outside the Manila courthouse where he is being tried for corruption, a day after the country's Supreme Court [official website] ruled 13-0 that current President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's policy of breaking up unauthorized demonstrations by force as they [read more]

16:04 EDT

[JURIST] The US Senate Wednesday voted 59-39 to hold back $1.9 billion in funds requested by President Bush to support the Iraq war and instead put them towards increased border security, including the building of a security fence along the Mexican border near San Diego. The proposal to divert the [read more]

15:04 EDT

[JURIST] Recently-released US military tribunal hearing records [US DOD documents] and other documents indicate at that least seven prisoners at the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay were transferred abroad to jurisdictions practicing torture before their arrival at the base, with three detainees claiming they were actually tortured in those [read more]

15:04 EDT

[JURIST] The trial of six former high-ranking Bosnian Croat officials [ICTY case backgrounder] began Wednesday at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia [official website]. The defendants, including the former prime minister of the Croat region of Herceg-Bosna Jadranko Prlic, face multiple crimes against humanity charges [indictment, PDF], including [read more]

14:04 EDT

[JURIST] The US Central Intelligence Agency [official website] has used extraordinary rendition [JURIST news archive] to kidnap terror suspects in Europe and transfer them to countries known to use torture and has operated over 1,000 secret flights in European territory, according to an interim report drafted by Italian MEP Giovanni [read more]

13:04 EDT

[JURIST] US District Judge Donald Molloy [official profile] has issued an injunction [PDF text] striking down three US Forest Service [official website] regulations that would have limited the public's ability to comment on proposed rules. The injunction came in response to plaintiff and defendant motions for summary judgment and follows [read more]

12:04 EDT

[JURIST] The US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit [official website] has ordered [PDF text] US District Judge Leonie Brinkema to hold hearings on whether the National Security Agency [official website] used warrantless domestic wiretaps [JURIST news archive] to gather evidence against an Islamic scholar convicted of encouraging Muslims [read more]

10:04 EDT

[JURIST] The US Supreme Court [official website; JURIST news archive] on Wednesday handed down decisions in two cases, including Jones v. Flowers [Duke Law case backgrounder], 04-1477, where the Court held that before a state can sell property for failure of the property owner to pay taxes, the state must [read more]

08:04 EDT

[JURIST] Leading Tuesday's international brief, members of Thailand's Supreme Court [government backgrounder] have agreed to a request by Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej [official profile] that they take an active role in resolving the country's ongoing election crisis [JURIST report]. The king is mainly a figurehead for the nation and told [read more]

08:04 EDT

[JURIST] Australian Prime Minister John Howard [official website] said Wednesday that Australia will not implement a compulsory national identity card [press release] when he rolled out plans for a voluntary and comprehensive health and welfare card that will replace the nearly 20 other cards currently provided. Howard, who opposed a [read more]

07:04 EDT

[JURIST] A US military spokesman said in Baghdad Tuesday that following a military investigation and reports from human rights groups indicating that private contractors in Iraq are violating human trafficking laws [Chicago Tribune report; Chicago Tribune background reports] in their recruitment of foreign workers - including withholding their passports - [read more]

07:04 EDT

[JURIST] David Keogh, a former British civil servant in the Cabinet Office, and Leo O'Connor, a former legislative assistant to former Labour MP Tony Clarke, have pleaded not guilty to breaching Section 3 of Britain's Official Secrets Act [text] by allegedly disclosing the contents of a memo in which plans [read more]

06:04 EDT

[JURIST Europe] UK Home Secretary Charles Clarke [official profile] sparred Tuesday with a former South African chief justice chairing an independent panel of inquiry into UK terrorism laws as Clarke testified on government policies that limit civil liberties. The two disagreed on the use of controversial control orders [Liberty UK [read more]

04:04 EDT

[JURIST Europe] French authorities are charging six former French Guantanamo Bay [JURIST news archive] detainees with terrorism-related crimes, according to officials cited by AFP. The men are Nizar Sassi, Khaled Ben Mustapha, Redouane Khalid, Brahim Yadel, Imad Achab Kanouni, and Mourad Benchellali. Kanouni was previously suspected of visiting a terrorist [read more]

04:04 EDT

[JURIST Europe] UK Home Secretary Charles Clarke [official profile] has insisted he will not resign despite admitting Tuesday to a "shocking administrative blunder" that resulted in the release of 1023 foreign criminals in the past seven years who were to undergo deportation inquiries. The oversight occurred despite warnings by the [read more]

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