Legal news from Wednesday, December 14, 2005
15:12 EDT

[JURIST] Chemical giant DuPont [corporate website] has agreed to pay over $10 million in fines and another $6 million for environmental projects in order to settle allegations [press release] that the company hid information about the dangers of a chemical used in the manufacturing of Teflon, the US Environmental Protection [read more]

14:12 EDT

[JURIST] EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini [official website] said Wednesday that so far there is no evidence that confirms allegations [JURIST report] that the CIA operated secret prisons in Eastern Europe. Frattini's comments come the day after the Council of Europe [official website], Europe's human rights watchdog, said that it [read more]

14:12 EDT

[JURIST] Iraqi border police seized a tanker Tuesday evening that had just crossed the border with Iran which contained several thousand forged ballots. According to an Iraqi official, the truck driver told police that at least three other trucks had successfully crossed the border into Iraq, but the official did [read more]

14:12 EDT

[JURIST] AP is reporting that the US House has voted 251-174 to renew provisions of the USA Patriot Act [JURIST news archive] that were set to expire at the end of this year. The reauthorization bill [summary, conference report, PDF] now goes before the Senate, where the legislation could face [read more]

13:12 EDT

[JURIST] An additional 114 people went on trial Wednesday in Uzbekistan on charges stemming from the May 2005 Andijan uprising [HRW backgrounder], which led to government troops killing as many as 500 protestors [JURIST report]. The Uzbek Supreme Court has released a statement that 78 civilian defendants are charged with [read more]

12:12 EDT

[JURIST] Former Enron chairman Kenneth Lay [defense website] said Tuesday that the company's former CEO Andrew Fastow [BBC profile] was to blame for the accounting fraud that led to the company's downfall and that his trust in Fastow was "fatally displaced". Lay's speech [text] at a Houston business luncheon foreshadowed [read more]

10:12 EDT

[JURIST] The debate over capital punishment [JURIST news archive] in California has gained new momentum following the execution [JURIST report] earlier this week of Crips gang co-founder and convicted murderer Stanley Tookie Williams [advocacy website]. Both sides are wondering what impact Williams' execution will have on currently-scheduled executions and the [read more]

10:12 EDT

[JURIST] A Tokyo High Court judge on Wednesday refused to overturn a lower court decision that denied compensation for unpaid wages for a group of South Koreans who were forced to work at a Japanese steel mill during WWII. Relatives of the forced laborers had asked that the Japanese government [read more]

09:12 EDT

[JURIST] The UN Security Council [official website] is considering a proposed resolution, offered by France at the request of Lebanon, that would widen the scope of the UN probe [UN materials] into the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik al-Hariri [JURIST news archive] to include other politically motivated killings [read more]

09:12 EDT

[JURIST] The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) [official website; JURIST news archive] on Tuesday convicted [judgment, PDF] retired Rwandan army officer Lt. Col. Aloys Simba of genocide and crimes against humanity and sentenced him to 25 years in prison [ICTR press release]. The charges against Simba stemmed from the [read more]

08:12 EDT

[JURIST] The US Army has given preliminary approval to a new set of classified interrogation techniques which are likely to cause a roadblock in negotiations over Sen. John McCain's proposed amendment on detainee treatment [JURIST document]. The interrogation techniques are to be added to the new Army field manual as [read more]

08:12 EDT

[JURIST] US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice [official profile] on Tuesday accused the international community of failing to live up to its obligations to help bring Saddam Hussein [JURIST news archive] to justice, saying the "effective boycott of Saddam's trial is only harming the Iraqi people". Although Rice did not [read more]

08:12 EDT

[JURIST] The US House of Representatives is expected to pass a White House-backed bill [summary; conference report, PDF] Wednesday that would reauthorize sections of the USA Patriot Act [PDF text; JURIST news archive], although the legislation may still face a filibuster in the Senate. Certain provisions of the Patriot Act, [read more]

07:12 EDT

[JURIST] US Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad [official profile] said Tuesday that more than 100 detainees [JURIST news archive] had been abused in two Iraqi detention facilities, a figure considerably greater than the 21 or 26 people previously reported as abused. An investigation [JURIST report] had been carried out following [read more]

05:12 EDT

[JURIST] Leading Wednesday's international brief, the International Commission of Jurists [advocacy website] has issued a report [PDF text] urging the Nepal government [official website] to revoke the recently approved media ordinance [JURIST report] as contrary to the Nepalese Constitution [text] and Nepal's international human rights obligations. The report questions the [read more]

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