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JURIST Publishes New Guantanamo Bay Feature


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JURIST Publishes New Guantanamo Bay Feature

Pittsburgh, PA - January 11, 2012 - JURIST is proud to announce publication of a new feature section on the US base at Guantanamo Bay. JURIST has been providing unique coverage of Guantanamo Bay since the first detainees arrived at the military detention center on January 11, 2002. JURIST's coverage has included breaking news reports, links to original source materials and commentary from legal professionals, law professors and experts directly involved in the administration of Guantanamo Bay. JURIST's latest feature provides an historical overview of Guantanamo Bay, as well as a retrospective of JURIST coverage, which includes analysis of the issues surrounding detention of enemy combatants as opposed to prisoners of war, allegations of torture at the facility, and attempts to either reform or close the detention center. The feature is further enhanced by commentary from several experts, including Jonathan Hafetz, Associate Counsel with the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law and co-author of amicus briefs in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld and the Guantanamo detainee litigation, Jordan J. Paust, law professor at the University of Houston, a former U.S. Army JAG officer and member of the faculty of the Judge Advocate General's School, and Naureen Shah, a lawyer at the Human Rights Institute at Columbia University School of Law. For full coverage, please visit

"With the tenth anniversary of the utilization of Guantanamo as a military detention center in the War on Terror, use of Guantanamo continues to be as controversial as ever," said Matthew Shames, JURIST's Executive Director. "Guantanamo has not only forced people to think about basic rights under US law, but also the intersections of US law with international law. Over the past ten years, JURIST has provided unique coverage of Guantanamo, encouraging people to move beyond political rhetoric to gain a better understanding of the underlying legal issues. Our new feature makes our coverage even easier to access, thereby furthering our mission to empower our readers through education."

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