May 22, 2015
by Yuxin Jiang
JURIST Guest Columnist Caroline Mala Corbin, of University of Miami School of Law, discusses whether filing paperwork in order to obtain a religious exemption is a substantial burden on religious liberty... Does filing paperwork in order to obtain a religious exemption from a law constitute a ...[read more]
May 7, 2015
by Marisa Rodrigues
JURIST Guest Columnist Jordan Lorence of Alliance Defending Freedom discusses the benefits of religious freedom to liberty protections ... Listening carefully to objections to state religious freedom laws, two assumptions emerge that are demonstratively false. Those who assert them should weigh ...[read more]
September 2, 2012
by Elizabeth Imbarlina
JURIST Guest Columnist Matthew Cavedon, Emory University School of Law Class of 2015, compares the Department of Health and Human Services's contraception mandate to the Food and Drug Administration's attempt to regulate tobacco...As 24 lawsuits filed against the Department of Health and Human ...[read more]
March 19, 2012
by Caleb Pittman
JURIST Guest Columnist Chad Flanders of Saint Louis University School of Law says that we should seek a pragmatic solution to the controversy over requiring religious institutions to provide contraceptive coverage for employees, since a resolution of the philosophical issues underlying the ...[read more]
November 30, 2011
by Meagan McElroy
On November 30, 2010, a judge for the US District Court for the Western District of Virginia dismissed a lawsuit brought by Liberty University challenging the constitutionality of the individual mandate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), as well as its requirement that ...[read more]
April 22, 2010
by Jonathan Cohen
A group of more than 30 privacy and civil liberty groups on Wednesday asked the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to suspend the full body scanner program being implemented by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The petition states that use of the full body scanner program is an ...[read more]
February 18, 2010
by Andrew Wood
Farzana Hassan: The French parliament is currently debating the legality of a proposed ban on the burka, the full veil worn by some conservative Muslim women. In a statement endorsing the recommendations of the parliament, President Sarkozy mentioned equality and liberty as the reasons for t... ...[read more]
February 4, 2010
by Andrew Wood
Angela C. Wu: The French Parliament has issued a report recommending a ban on the burqa in government-run venues such as public transportation and hospitals. The 200 page report, published on January 26th by a special committee of parliamentarians, was commissioned to study the role of the v... ...[read more]
November 17, 2009
by Andrew Wood
Alan Reinach: When we were children, we used to have play fights. I dare you, one would say, only to hear in response, I double dare you! Sadly, the culture wars have degenerated into a grown up version of such foolishness. The latest example is in South Carolina, wher... ...[read more]
October 9, 2009
by JURIST Staff
On October 9, 1635, separatist Roger Williams was banished from Massachusetts colony for preaching that civil government had no right to interfere in religious affairs.Read Williams' Plea for Religious Liberty. ... ...[read more]

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