September 19, 2014
by Julie Deisher
Voters in Scotland on Thursday voted against independence from the UK in the country's first national referendum on the matter. The Scottish Parliament unanimously approved a bill last November to hold a Scottish independence referendum. Eighty-four percent of eligible voters cast ballots in the ...[read more]
August 6, 2014
by Nicholas Tomsho
Voters on Tuesday voted on a statewide referendum in Missouri to decide an amendment to the state constitution that would provide a "right to farm." If enacted, Amendment 1 will guarantee the rights of Missourians to "engage in farming and ranching practices," potentially invalidating local and ...[read more]
May 12, 2014
by Nicholas Tomsho
The office of Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared that it does not wish to annex eastern Ukraine where "self-rule" referendums have overwhelmingly supported secession, but called on the Kiev government to open dialogue with the separatists. The referendums, organized by pro-Russian ...[read more]
March 28, 2014
by William Helbling
The UN General Assembly approved a resolution on Thursday declaring the Crimean referendum to secede from Ukraine invalid. The resolution calls upon all UN states, international organizations and specialty agencies not to recognize any change in status of the Crimean region despite the referendum ...[read more]
March 18, 2014
by Nicholas Tomsho
Russian President Vladimir Putin and representatives of Crimea signed a treaty on Tuesday that incorporates Crimea, currently a part of Ukraine, into the Russian Federation. The agreement comes after a referendum in which more than 95 percent of Crimean voters, largely ethnic Russians, elected to ...[read more]
March 17, 2014
by Taylor Gillan
The Crimean parliament on Monday formally declared the region independent and asked to join the Russian Federation following a vote to secede from Ukraine. The US and EU have called the vote illegal, and the EU stated that the vote's outcome would not be recognized. The US on Monday announced ...[read more]
March 16, 2014
by Elizabeth LaForgia
Residents of the Crimea region on Sunday began voting in a referendum to secede from Ukraine and seek annexation by Russia. The referendum has been condemned as illegal by the US and other European countries. On Saturday, Russia vetoed a UN Security Council motion declaring the Crimea referendum ...[read more]
March 11, 2014
by Ann Schober
Crimea's parliament voted Tuesday to secede from the Ukraine and declare itself an independent state in the event of a yes vote in a referendum scheduled for Sunday. Ukraine's parliament, calling the Crimean referendum unconstitutional and violative of international law, warned Crimea to cancel ...[read more]
March 6, 2014
by Peter Snyder
Members of Parliament in the southern Ukrainian region of Crimea on Thursday asked the Russian government to allow the region to become part of the Russian Federation. According to the parliament, a referendum to approve the decision to secede from Ukraine and join Russia or restore the 1992 ...[read more]
February 20, 2014
by Peter Snyder
The Cortes Generales, the bicameral parliament of Spain, on Thursday rejected a proposed referendum that would have allowed the Catalonia region to vote on whether the autonomous community should become an independent state or remain a part of Spain. The referendum, scheduled for November 9, 2014 ...[read more]

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