October 22, 2012
by Elizabeth Imbarlina
JURIST Guest Columnist Catherine Jahn, St. John's University School of Law Class of 2013, is the author of the eighth article in a 15-part series from the staffers of the Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development. Jahn suggests how the US can improve its current policy on nuclear spent ...[read more]
February 23, 2012
by Sean Gallagher
JURIST Guest Columnist Sasan Fayazmanesh, Professor Emeritus of Economics at California State University, Fresno, says that President Obama's latest sanctions against Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program are part of an escalating trend in US foreign policy that began in the 1980s...On ...[read more]
April 10, 2011
by Jonathan Cohen
JURIST Special Guest Columnist Tamar Cerafici of the Cerafici Law Firm says that the nuclear crisis in Japan highlights the need for an international response with clear, measured leadership from the United States. That leadership is hollow unless the United States adopts a coherent energy policy ...[read more]
February 10, 2008
by Benjamin Klein
Bilateral arms control agreements negotiated by the US and Russia during the Cold War should be replaced by multilateral agreements, former Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said Sunday. Ivanov, who now serves as Russian first deputy prime minister, referred to bilateral agreements, including ...[read more]
February 28, 2007
by JURIST Commentator
Ali Khan: Making a sensible reversal, the Bush Administration has decided to negotiate with Syria and Iran, the two Muslim nations of the so-called Axis of Evil. (The US is already talking to North Korea, the third nation of the Axis).This policy reversal is in line with the letter and spirit... ...[read more]
January 10, 2007
by JURIST Staff
JURIST Guest Columnists Lawrence Friedman and Victor Hansen of New England School of Law say that whatever policy intentions the US executive branch may have with regard to a nuclear Iran, its foreign affairs and national security discretion is and must be constitutionally limited by ...[read more]
October 1, 2006
by Bernard Hibbitts
Iran Sunday condemned a bill signed into law by President Bush Saturday authorizing US sanctions against foreign governments that provide support for Iran's nuclear program or contribute towards the country's armament. The Iran Freedom Support Act, HR 6198, specifically sets out the ...[read more]
September 5, 2006
by Lisl Brunner
The Iranian parliament on Tuesday approved a draft of a bill to bar inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) from entering the country if the UN Security Council imposes sanctions on Iran for continuing to enrich uranium past the August 31 deadline imposed by Resolution 1696. ...[read more]
August 8, 2006
by Joe Shaulis
The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit declined Tuesday to review a US Department of Energy (DOE) proposal to move nuclear waste to the proposed Yucca Mountain repository by rail, finding that some claims by the State of Nevada lacked merit while others were unripe. Nevada sued in the DC ...[read more]
June 5, 2006
by JURIST Commentator
Ali Khan: By substituting the language of respectful negotiation for that of threats, the Bush administration is on the right track in dealing with Iran over nuclear power issues. The policy reverses the neo-conservative fantasies of defeating Iran in the battlefield. Sobered by ceaseless kil... ...[read more]

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