May 23, 2014
by Jaclyn Belczyk
The US House of Representatives voted 303-121 Thursday to approve a bill that would curb the powers of the National Security Agency (NSA) to collect phone records. The USA Freedom Act would end the bulk collection of phone records and instead require the NSA to query phone companies about ...[read more]
April 16, 2014
by Daniel Mullen
The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled Tuesday that the district court properly dismissed a lawsuit brought by members of the US House of Representatives and the organization Common Cause challenging the "filibuster" rules of the US Senate. The plaintiffs in the ...[read more]
April 9, 2014
by Benjamin Minegar
US Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday expressed concern before the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee with respect to the proliferation of virtual currencies, which, he asserts, have created new avenues for money laundering, drug trafficking and other illegal activity. Holder ...[read more]
March 28, 2014
by Amy Mathieu
Both the US Senate and the House of Representatives on Thursday approved nearly identical bills that would send a $1 billion aid package to Ukraine and place new sanctions on Russia. The bill passed by a vote of 98-2 in the Senate and 399-19 in the House. Despite the overwhelming support of the ...[read more]
March 22, 2014
by Nicholas Tomsho
The Georgia House of Representatives passed legislation Thursday night that would expand carry rights to allow firearms in places such as bars and schools. The bill was passed just before the end of the legislative session in a 112-58 vote. It would allow permit-holders to bring firearms into ...[read more]
March 4, 2014
by Bradley McAllister
Lawmakers in the Georgia House of Representatives on Monday approved a bill that would legalize the administration of medical marijuana by pill, liquid or injection to treat certain seizure disorders. The Georgia House approved the bill on Monday by an overwhelming majority of 171-4. Rep. Allen ...[read more]
February 19, 2014
by Elizabeth LaForgia
Washington state legislators on Tuesday approved a bill to make college students who were brought to the US illegally by their parents eligible for need-based college financial aid. The legislation, called the Real Hope Act, was passed in the state's House of Representatives by 75 to 22 votes ...[read more]
December 19, 2013
by Laura Klein Mullen
The US Senate passed a spending bill and presented the legislation to President Obama on Wednesday, scaling back the across-the-board spending cuts that went into place earlier this year. The bill also passed the US House of Representatives with bipartisan support, and is expected to be signed by ...[read more]
December 6, 2013
by Addison Morris
The US House of Representatives on Thursday approved a bill intended to curb the actions of "patent trolls", or patent assertion entities, in which companies frivolously accuse other companies, often small business owners, of patent infringement in effort to collect licensing fees. The bill, also ...[read more]
November 16, 2013
by Julie Deisher
The US House of Representatives passed a measure on Friday which would allow insurance companies to continue selling limited-coverage policies. Insurance companies have canceled and refused to renew a number of these policies because they do not meet the minimum coverage required by the Patient ...[read more]

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