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Tuesday 28 Feb 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist Dario Ringach, Professor of Neurobiology and Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles, says that the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act was enacted to protect individuals from extremists who adopt methods of violence and true threats, rather than to threaten activism or infringe on activists' First Amendment [read more]

Monday 27 Feb 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist Ottilia Maunganidze, Researcher at the Institute for Security Studies, says that for the NTC to establish credibility it must put an end to unlawful detentions, make certain that any arrests are carried out by lawful police forces and ensure humane treatment of detainees...On January 26, 2012, Navi [read more]

Friday 24 Feb 2012

JURIST Contributing Editor Gabor Rona, International Legal Director of Human Rights First, argues that the decision to use the legal classification of "enemy combatant" does not justify the US policy of targeted killings...Earlier in the week, in a speech at Yale Law School, the Pentagon's chief lawyer, Jeh Johnson, delivered [read more]

Thursday 23 Feb 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist Sasan Fayazmanesh, Professor Emeritus of Economics at California State University, Fresno, says that President Obama's latest sanctions against Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program are part of an escalating trend in US foreign policy that began in the 1980s...On February 6, 2012, President Obama intensified US [read more]

Thursday 23 Feb 2012

JURIST Guest Columnists Maria-Elena Kolovos and Beatrice Lindstrom of the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux say that for the Haitian cholera victims to be properly compensated for their injuries, the UN must respect its own rules and take accountability for its malfeasance instead of attributing the epidemic to "a confluence of [read more]

Monday 20 Feb 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist Katherine Lewis Parker, Legal Director at the American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina, says that prayer at government functions that adheres to a particular religious dogma is unacceptable because it has a coercive impact on listeners and violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment...At approximately [read more]

Monday 20 Feb 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist Alex Luchenitser, Associate Legal Director for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, says that despite the US constitutional tradition of separation between church and state, US courts lag far behind the UK after a recent decision banning prayers at town-council meetings...Last Friday, in National Secular [read more]

Friday 17 Feb 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist Pedro Pierluisi, Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico, representing the territory in the US House of Representatives, argues that the coming Puerto Rico status referendum is historic because it is the first to include only the viable status options and will be taken seriously by the federal government...In [read more]

Thursday 16 Feb 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist Kevin Snider, Chief Counsel for the Pacific Justice Institute says that the Ninth Circuit panel in Perry v. Brown unanimously acknowledged that a right to same-sex marriage is not supported by Supreme Court or Ninth Circuit precedent, and that sexual orientation is not a suspect classification according [read more]

Sunday 12 Feb 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist Leila Hanafi, Regional Coordinator of the Middle East and North Africa for the Coalition for the International Criminal Court, argues that it is imperative to both Morocco and the international community that it continue in its efforts to adhere to the Rome Statute...It has been 12 years [read more]

Friday 10 Feb 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist Per Lægreid of the University of Bergen argues that Norwegian anti-terror laws should not be expanded to individuals planning terror attacks and that when faced with the choice between upholding individual liberties and attempting to prevent terror, individual liberties must prevail...The new threat from terrorism seems to [read more]

Friday 10 Feb 2012

JURIST Guest Columnists Hassan Jabareen and Sawsan Zaher of Adalah argue that the political polarization of the Citizenship and Entry Into Israel Law deflects the real constitutional and legal issues at the heart of the controversy...Raneen, a 36 year-old Palestinian citizen of Israel, is married to 39 year-old Hatem, a [read more]

Wednesday 8 Feb 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist Scott Shackelford of Indiana University, Kelley School of Business says that the recent decision by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on genocide raises pertinent questions about the legal standards used to prosecute those who commit the ultimate human rights abuse...On January 25, 2012, the Court of [read more]

Wednesday 8 Feb 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist Eric Leonard, the Henkel Family Chair in International Affairs at Shenandoah University, says the ICC should constantly adhere to a policy of prudent advocacy, since interfering in "low-level" situations would cause a multitude of legal, political and financial problems...Recently a group of Maldives lawyers submitted a case [read more]

Thursday 2 Feb 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist Jill Levenson, Associate Professor of Psychology at Lynn University, says that sex offender residency restrictions often do little to prevent repeat offenses because they are based on stereotypical notions of recidivism among sex offenders...Recently, the US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit ruled that a policy [read more]

Wednesday 1 Feb 2012

JURIST Guest Columnist Kelsey Alford-Jones, Director of Guatemala Human Rights Commission, argues that it is important for the Public Prosecutor's Office and president to follow through with the genocide charges against Rios Montt to strengthen Guatemala's judiciary and bring justice to the victims of genocide...On Thursday, January 26, Guatemala's former [read more]

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