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Friday 22 Jul 2011

Kristy Kade, Associate Director of Advocacy and Public Policy for Pathfinder International, argues that the recent Second Circuit ruling that the US cannot withhold HIV/AIDS funding to organizations based on their stance on prostitution corrects a policy that tied the hands of organizations working to stop the spread of HIV...I [read more]

Friday 22 Jul 2011

Dave Saldana, Communications Director for Free Press, argues that the recent News Corp. scandal will likely follow along the line of the company's previous US legal troubles, in which it was able to avoid penalties through campaign donations and deft lobbying...For some ideological opponents watching the ever-unfolding scandal involving News [read more]

Monday 18 Jul 2011

Phelim Kine, Senior Researcher in the Asia Division of Human Rights Watch, argues that in order for the Chinese government to legitimately address human rights concerns, it must acknowledge the shortcomings of previous efforts and ensure that government officials and security forces follow and enforce human rights protections...On July 12, [read more]

Monday 18 Jul 2011

Corie Wright, Policy Counsel for Free Press, argues that the Third Circuit's ruling restoring the cross-ownership ban on media was a sweeping victory for the public interest and that the FCC must work to maintain diversity in media ownership to ensure competition and the quality of news...It is déjà vu [read more]

Friday 15 Jul 2011

Richard Dicker, Director of International Justice at Human Rights Watch, argues that any political deal allowing Muammar Gaddafi to avoid prosecution before the ICC would compromise peace and deny the victims of crimes against humanity the possibility of redress...Amid preparations for the Libya contact group meeting in Istanbul on Friday, [read more]

Thursday 14 Jul 2011

Gerolf Hagens [Human Rights Section, Kaveity and Kaveity]: Recently, the Royal Dutch Court of Amsterdam rendered a verdict in the case against Geert Wilders. In a previous submission, I wrote that it was going to be very interesting to see whether the court would accept the claim Wilders made, that [read more]

Friday 8 Jul 2011

Laura Rivera Marinero & Carmina Castro [Legal Researchers, Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development]: Recently, UN Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers Gabriela Knaul warned that an El Salvador law requiring its high court to issue unanimous judgments was an "attack" on judicial independence and the separation [read more]

Friday 8 Jul 2011

Ilya Shapiro, Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies, and Trevor Burrus, Legal Associate, both of the Cato Institute, argue that the recent Sixth Circuit ruling upholding health care reform fails to recognize the unprecedented sweep of the individual mandate, running counter to a system of limited and enumerated federal powers...Last week, [read more]

Tuesday 5 Jul 2011

Moshe Gershovich of the University of Nebraska at Omaha argues that despite the imperfections of Morocco's constitutional reforms, they provide a model of gradual and peaceful democratic transition to the region...The 98 percent approval rate and 70 percent voter turnout in Morocco's constitutional referendum, transferring power from the king to [read more]

Friday 1 Jul 2011

Ashley Dunn, Staff Attorney at Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, argues that despite the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York, legal discrimination remains in the form of federal legislation and the increasing trend of broad religious exemptions...The efforts of both parties and the tireless work of advocates on [read more]

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