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Friday 26 Feb 2010

Paul Sherman [Staff attorney, Institute for Justice]: "March 24, 2009, was a defining moment in the history of the First Amendment. On that day, during oral argument in Citizens United v. FEC, Deputy Solicitor General Malcolm Stewart told the members of the Supreme Court that, under the Court's 1990 decision [read more]

Friday 26 Feb 2010

Eric Montalvo [Partner, Puckett and Faraj, PC]: "The careless approach to the issues surrounding all things Guantanamo Bay is an affront to the Constitution and the credibility of our legal institutions. As the most recent "flip flop" by Attorney General Holder regarding the prosecution of Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM) demonstrates, [read more]

Thursday 25 Feb 2010

Danilo Reyes [Staff member, Asian Human Rights Commission]: "The decision of the Department of Justice (DoJ) that 197 people can be prosecuted for multiple murders in the deaths of 57 people in the November 2009 Maguindanao massacre, based largely on "positive identification" could be a concern. In order for the [read more]

Thursday 25 Feb 2010

Thomas Nash [Coordinator, Cluster Munition Coalition]: "Future generations will remember 2010 as the year cluster bombs became illegal around the world. Following its swift ratification by 30 states, the Convention on Cluster Munitions - the most significant disarmament and humanitarian treaty in more than a decade - enters into force [read more]

Wednesday 24 Feb 2010

Kurt Opsahl [Senior Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation]: "Over the past few weeks, Google's new social networking service, Buzz has upset a lot of people over inadvertent disclosures of personal information. The underlying privacy issue is that many users inadvertently published the list of the people they email and chat [read more]

Monday 22 Feb 2010

Brock N. Meeks [Director of Communications, Center for Democracy & Technology]: "Recently, tens of millions of Google Gmail users woke up to find the company had automatically placed them in a membership queue for its new social networking tool called "Buzz." No one had a say in whether or not [read more]

Monday 22 Feb 2010

David Dadge [Director, International Press Institute]: "The International Press Institute (IPI), as an organisation that has campaigned for almost 60 years for press freedom, wholeheartedly welcomes the proposals made in the Icelandic parliament. By selecting the best elements from existing laws overseas and combining them in these new proposals, Iceland [read more]

Sunday 21 Feb 2010

Min Myat Kyaw [Member, Asian Human Rights Commission]: "The sentencing of four supporters of democracy party leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to two years' imprisonment last week is the latest instance of how courts in Burma (Myanmar) operate under the military regime there to defeat civil and political rights, [read more]

Thursday 18 Feb 2010

Farzana Hassan [Member, Muslim Canadian Congress]: "The French parliament is currently debating the legality of a proposed ban on the burka, the full veil worn by some conservative Muslim women. In a statement endorsing the recommendations of the parliament, President Sarkozy mentioned equality and liberty as the reasons for the [read more]

Wednesday 17 Feb 2010

David Shapiro [Staff Attorney, ACLU National Prison Project]: "In an unfortunate decision, the Ninth Circuit last week reversed its own precedent and rolled back protections against strip searching jail detainees in Bull v. San Francisco [PDF file]. The en banc ruling weighed in on the question - which has divided [read more]

Sunday 14 Feb 2010

Piper Hendricks [International Justice Project Director, World Organization for Human Rights USA]: "Last Friday, February 5, 2010, while preparing for what has been called the "snowpocalypse" here in Washington, DC, we at Human Rights USA learned that the Court in our civil case against Charles Taylor, Jr. ("Taylor Jr.") had [read more]

Friday 12 Feb 2010

Elizabeth Samson [Visiting Fellow, Hudson Institute]: "From the time that US President Barack Obama came into office there has been talk of the United States joining the International Criminal Court, but those efforts may be laid to rest for the time being. It appears as though this administration has not [read more]

Tuesday 9 Feb 2010

Billy Corriher [Attorney and researcher, Bill of Rights Defense Committee]: "Attorney General Eric Holder is standing firm on the decision to try Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the attempted Christmas Day bomber, in a criminal trial. Some senators critical of the decision not to use military tribunals have gone so far as [read more]

Sunday 7 Feb 2010

John C. Rodney [Partner, Thorp Reed & Armstrong, LLP]: "When I first heard about the proposed Live Nation-Ticketmaster merger, in early 2009, my initial reaction was "you have to be kidding." How could the nation's leading concert promoter team up with the nation's leading ticket seller without that foreclosing competition [read more]

Saturday 6 Feb 2010

Andrea Prasow [Senior Counterterrorism Counsel, Human Rights Watch]: "On February 1, 2010, Maher Arar asked the US Supreme Court to overturn a lower court ruling that he cannot sue federal officials for damages even though they allegedly conspired with Syrian officials to subject him to torture in Syria. A powerful [read more]

Saturday 6 Feb 2010

Lisa Haugaard [Executive Director, Latin America Working Group]: "The United States and the international community's response to the Haitian earthquake must not only be generous, long-term and sustainable. It must also respect and promote rights. To "rebuild with rights," a starting place might be considering these principles.Recovery should be Haitian-led. [read more]

Friday 5 Feb 2010

John Green [Senior Research Fellow, Council on Hemispheric Affairs]: "When Honduran President Porfirio Lobo predictably chose several days ago to pardon the military leaders involved in the June 28, 2009 coup against his predecessor, President Manuel Zelaya, he was staying true to traditional Central American form. Lobo, who supported the [read more]

Thursday 4 Feb 2010

Angela C. Wu [International Law Director, The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty]: "The French Parliament has issued a report recommending a ban on the burqa in government-run venues such as public transportation and hospitals. The 200 page report, published on January 26th by a special committee of parliamentarians, was commissioned [read more]

Thursday 4 Feb 2010

Neil Hicks [International Policy Advisor, Human Rights First]: "The leaders of the Islamic Republic know well the value of violence and brutality as political control mechanisms. In recent months, the authorities have unleashed random beating of protesters, arbitrary detention and torture, apparently including rape of detainees, running down protesters with [read more]

Wednesday 3 Feb 2010

Shaista Shameem [Chairperson/Rapporteur, Working Group on the use of mercenaries, Special Procedures Branch - OHCHR]: "The United Nations Working Group on the use of mercenaries as a means of violating human rights and impeding the exercise of the rights of peoples to self-determination welcomes the decision announced by the US [read more]

Tuesday 2 Feb 2010

Jon May [Attorney, Law Offices of May and Cohen PA]: "On Monday, January 25, 2010, the Supreme Court denied General Manuel Noriega's petition for certiorari review. But the case before the Court is hardly at an end. Counsel for General Noriega will file a petition for rehearing on February 19, [read more]

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