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Saturday 31 Oct 2009

Bruce Klingner [Senior Research Fellow, Northeast Asia, The Heritage Foundation]: "North Korea has repeatedly been cited by the US government, United Nations, and independent human rights groups as one of the most egregious violators of human rights. North Korean citizens face abysmal living conditions, pervasive government surveillance, and a total [read more]

Friday 30 Oct 2009

Veronika Szente Goldston [Advocacy Director for Europe and Central Asia, Human Rights Watch]: "With its decision to lift the remaining sanctions against Uzbekistan despite Tashkent's atrocious rights record, the EU has effectively abandoned any credible effort to achieve human rights improvements through its Uzbekistan policy.The EU had set clear criteria [read more]

Wednesday 28 Oct 2009

Virginia Sloan [President, The Constitution Project]: "The recent uproar surrounding Ohio's failed attempt to execute Romell Broom, who was convicted of murdering Tryna Middleton, highlights the continuing problems with lethal injection in Ohio, and elsewhere around the country. If the state is to continue using the death penalty, the state [read more]

Tuesday 27 Oct 2009

Allan Meltzer [Professor of Political Economy, Carnegie Mellon University]: "Congress and the administration typically try to find scapegoats to satisfy the public that they are dong something about failed policies. In the 1980s, the alleged culprits were venal operators of a few savings and loans. This time it is the [read more]

Monday 26 Oct 2009

Mark Kleiman [Professor of Public Policy, UCLA]: "The Justice Department will not pursue people using or selling cannabis in compliance with state "medical marijuana" laws, even though those activities remain forbidden by the Controlled Substances Act. That policy ends more than a decade of federal efforts to overturn state efforts [read more]

Sunday 25 Oct 2009

Mehmet Tohti [Former Vice President, World Uyghur Congress]: "A recent report released by Human Rights Watch over the inadequacy and unfairness of the trials of Urumqi protestors has brought our memory back to the July 5 massacre committed by the Chinese military and government backed Han Chinese mobsters. Mass arrests [read more]

Wednesday 21 Oct 2009

Stewart Baker [Partner, Steptoe & Johnson LLP]: "The US Senate Judiciary Committee's decision to reauthorize three provisions of the USA Patriot Act until 2013 is prudent. The parts of the Act set to expire this year include provisions that allow federal authorities to compel production of business, medical and library [read more]

Tuesday 20 Oct 2009

Brian Moulton and Michelle Litteken [Chief Legislative Counsel and Staff Counsel, Human Rights Campaign]: "The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) applauds the Department of Justice's (DOJ) statement regarding increased efforts to fight LGBT discrimination. In his speech to the Civil Rights Division, Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez said that the Department [read more]

Monday 19 Oct 2009

Khalid Sekander [Senior Social Scientist, US Army, Human Terrain Systems, NATO/ISAF HQ]: "Mr. Barakzai resigned from the Electoral Complaint Commission (ECC) because he views foreign interference as a negative consequence to the Afghan democratic experiment. Meanwhile, Peter Galbraith, former deputy of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), recently [read more]

Saturday 17 Oct 2009

Michelle McCluer [Director, National Institute of Military Justice]: "Congress appears ready to enact changes to the 2006 Military Commissions Act [PDF file]. After the opening days of the Obama Administration, it feels strange to be writing about the future of military commissions, but it seems that military commissions will continue [read more]

Thursday 15 Oct 2009

Gabor Rona [International Legal Director, Human Rights First]: "On October 9, the Department of Justice announced the transfer of Guantanamo detainee Khalid Abdullah Mishal al Mutairi, to his home state, Kuwait. "On July 29, 2009, a federal court ruled that al Mutairi may no longer be detained under the Authorization [read more]

Monday 12 Oct 2009

Joe Stork [Deputy Director, Middle East and North Africa Division, Human Rights Watch]: "President Obama and his team have another opportunity to do the right thing regarding the report [PDF file] of the UN Fact-Finding Commission on the Gaza Conflict when the UN Security Council meets on October 14 for [read more]

Thursday 8 Oct 2009

Jessica Montell [Executive Director, B'Tselem]: "In the recent session of the UN Human Rights Council, the US and Israel - each for their own, somewhat disingenuous reasons - argued that a peace process is incompatible with international scrutiny of war crimes in the Cast Lead operation, and that the former [read more]

Monday 5 Oct 2009

Louay Bahry [Professor of Political Science, University of Tennessee]: "The new Supreme Constitutional Court in Qatar, established by Law No. 12 of 2008 was supposed to start functioning on October 1, 2008, but was postponed for "administrative" reasons. On September 27, 2009 it finally came into being when its head, [read more]

Sunday 4 Oct 2009

Julian Sanchez [Research Fellow, Cato Institute]: "The administration's new policy on invocation of the state secrets privilege does set a higher transparency standard, but that's largely because their predecessors had to enlist Otto Lidenbrock to get it to the low point it hit in the last administration. But to the [read more]

Friday 2 Oct 2009

Gino Raymond [Professor of Modern French Studies, University of Bristol, U.K.]: "The recommendation that charges against Jacques Chirac be dropped should come as no surprise. In theory, the judge responsible for the final decision, Xavière Simeoni, is not obliged to abide by the finding of the prosecuting authorities, but to [read more]

Thursday 1 Oct 2009

Jo Cartwright [Campaigns and Press Officer, Dignity in Dying]: "The Director of Public Prosecutions' (DPP) interim guidelines on assisted dying following Debbie Purdy's legal victory represent a small but significant breakthrough for greater patient choice, control and protection at the end of life. We at Dignity in Dying hear from [read more]

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