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Friday 31 Jul 2009

Richard C. Dieter [Executive Director, Death Penalty Information Center]: "The fact that fewer countries employ the death penalty and that the number of executions worldwide declined last year should serve as a wake-up call to the United States. On many issues, the US is seen as a leader in the [read more]

Thursday 30 Jul 2009

Aaron Rhodes [Spokesperson, International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran]: "While certain commentators echoing official Iranian positions dismissed the demonstrations on the July 25 United4Iran Global Day of Action as an attempt to interfere with Iran's "internal affairs," such comments reflect a lack of understanding of international human rights and [read more]

Thursday 30 Jul 2009

John Lott [author of More Guns, Less Crime; senior research scientist, University of Maryland]: "By a 58 to 39 majority, the US Senate voted last week to let concealed handgun permit holders carry handguns across state lines. Yet, it was two votes short of the 60 needed to overcome a [read more]

Tuesday 28 Jul 2009

Alan Gura [Partner, Gura & Possessky, PLLC]: "Gun rights opponents at last have cause to rejoice. Only 58 members of a lop-sided Democratic-controlled Senate approved of a provision mandating that states give full faith and credit to each other's gun-carry permits. The laws of forty-eight states, at least in theory, [read more]

Monday 27 Jul 2009

Jernej Letnar Černič [Researcher, Institute for European, Constitutional, International Law and Law of Economics]: "The rights and obligations of Internet users have been hotly debated in recent months in a number of European countries. Particularly, challenges arising from illegal file sharing and downloading have caused for a great concern among [read more]

Sunday 26 Jul 2009

Alan Gottlieb [Founder, Second Amendment Foundation]: "Nearly all states allow qualified law-abiding citizens to carry guns for self-defense, but a few states arbitrarily reject the basic human right of self-defense by refusing to issue ordinary people gun carry permits. Of course, violent criminals in the impacted states continue to carry [read more]

Saturday 25 Jul 2009

Michael Lowe [Criminal defense attorney, Law Offices of Michael Lowe]: "I've been following the Judge Samuel Kent story since last fall, blogging on it periodically. Perhaps my perspective is a bit different than some other folks, given that I'm a Texas board-certified criminal defense attorney, but I find the end [read more]

Friday 24 Jul 2009

Jackson Chin [Associate Counsel, LatinoJustice PRLDEF]: "The changes announced by ICE to operating its controversial 287(g) program and the gradual upgrading of current state-local agreements do not inspire confidence among the civil rights and human rights community. These changes are ultimately superficial and flawed. Unfortunately, they come too late to [read more]

Thursday 23 Jul 2009

Sonya Sceats [Associate Fellow in International Law, Chatham House]: "Claims by Binyam Mohamed that the UK security service colluded in his 'medieval' torture while detained in Pakistan, Morocco and Afghanistan have reignited an important debate about the standing of the torture ban in UK foreign policy. According to Mohamed, British [read more]

Monday 20 Jul 2009

Mehmet Tohti [Former Vice President, World Uyghur Congress]: "Horrible video footage posted on the internet regarding the July 5th Urumqi massacre has brought some international attention and at the same time revealed the bitter reality that can be summarized as miserable Uyghurs, cruel Chinese and a generally uninterested world when [read more]

Wednesday 15 Jul 2009

Sarah Yeomans [Managing Web Editor/Travel Study Director, Biblical Archaeology Society]: "The recent release of UNESCO's Final Report on Damage Assessment in Babylon is a significant step in the right direction toward preserving the rich material culture of Iraq's past. Among the recommendations for archaeological mitigation in Babylon made by the [read more]

Tuesday 14 Jul 2009

Edwin Yamauchi [Professor Emeritus, History Department, Miami University; president, Near East Archaeological Society]: "Without question Babylon, the capital city of Hammurabi (18th cent. B.C.) and of Nebuchadnezzar (6th cent. B.C.), which appears prominently in both the Old Testament and in classical sources, was one of the greatest cities of antiquity. [read more]

Monday 13 Jul 2009

Gary Biller [Executive Director, National Motorists Association]: "The National Motorists Association (NMA) opposes roadblocks and/or checkpoints with only one exception: when motorists need to be warned about unseen peril ahead, such as a collapsed bridge or washed-out roadway. Currently, roadblocks are also used for vehicle safety inspections, seatbelt use, driver's [read more]

Tuesday 7 Jul 2009

Elizabeth Hicks [Partner and Head of Family Law London, Irwin Mitchell LLP, a member of Divorce Aid]: "The decision of the Court of Appeal shows that the Courts are now more likely to agree that a pre-marital contract should be upheld — even when one party has not obtained legal [read more]

Wednesday 1 Jul 2009

Allen St. Pierre [Executive Director, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)]: "Despite the glamorization on the hit Showtime series "Weeds," flashy documentaries on CNBC delving into the business side of California's multi-billion dollar annual cannabis industry derived from Californians' unprecedented 13-year old legal access to medical cannabis [read more]

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