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Saturday 28 Feb 2009

Daniel R. Vice [Senior Attorney, Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence]: "The Supreme Court in United States v. Hayes rejected arguments by a convicted wife beater that federal law allowed him to possess firearms, upholding the broad federal ban on gun possession by convicted misdemeanor domestic abusers. Justice Ginsburg's majority [read more]

Thursday 26 Feb 2009

Jo Cartwright [Campaigns and Press Officer, Dignity in Dying]: "We are pleased that Debbie Purdy's appeal has gone some way to clarify the law for her. The Appeals Court was able to go further than the High Court did in stating that the principles in the judgment given by the [read more]

Wednesday 25 Feb 2009

Jennifer Gratz [Director of Research, American Civil Rights Institute]: "Attorney General Holder recently called the American people a "nation of cowards" with respect to the issue of race. For the most part, I agree with him but in, I suspect, a very different way than what he meant with his [read more]

Tuesday 24 Feb 2009

La Shawn Barber [Freelance writer and blogger]: "U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder essentially called white Americans cowards for not talking enough about race. Holder, who obviously didn't let anything prevent him from succeeding, believes the nation should have one of those honest "dialogues" on race. The question is, where does [read more]

Saturday 21 Feb 2009

Robert Amsterdam [Counsel for Mikhail Khodorkovsky]: "On January 27, 2009, Mikhail Khodorkovsky's defense team filed a stay motion to halt the unconscionable and illegal activities of prosecutors intent on bringing fresh charges against the imprisoned former CEO of Yukos Oil Company. The motion cataloged a series of abuses by Russian [read more]

Saturday 21 Feb 2009

William L. Richards, Jr., SJD [Attorney, International Financial Law]: "The legislative effort to nationalize designated German financial institutions has triggered terminology of expropriation of shareholder interest. Perhaps it is a better characterization to suggest this is our first glimmer into the concepts that economists, bankers, and academics have tussled with [read more]

Friday 20 Feb 2009

Neel Lalchandani [Staff Member, The Constitution Project]: "Last week, two Pennsylvania judges pled guilty to charges including receiving $2.6 million in bribes from companies running private juvenile detention centers. Although in their guilty plea, they did not admit that they agreed to the bribes in exchange for sentencing teenagers to [read more]

Thursday 19 Feb 2009

Timothy Liam Epstein [Chair, Sports Law Practice Group, SmithAmundsen LLC]: "The Oliver opinion [PDF file] is a major victory for student athletes who find the process of testing the market increasingly difficult without jeopardizing their amateur status, especially with recognition of third-party beneficiary status to the relationship between the NCAA [read more]

Tuesday 17 Feb 2009

Gabor Rona [International Legal Director, Human Rights First]: "For some rule-of-law fans the toasting is over and it's already the morning after. The new administration's recent decision to continue the Bush line that torture victims' claims should be dismissed in order to preserve unspecified "state secrets" was a shocker. But [read more]

Tuesday 17 Feb 2009

Paul Stuart Haberman [Associate, Heidell, Pittoni, Murphy & Bach, LLP]: "A decision like the one recently handed down by the Common Pleas Court of Erie County, Ohio in Oliver v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, et al. [PDF file] was long overdue. For many years, college athletes that dare seek the [read more]

Monday 16 Feb 2009

Manuel Alvarez-Rivera [Election Resources on the Internet]: "When voters in Spain's Basque Country go to the polls next March 1st to elect members of the self-governing community's 75-seat regional parliament, they will have a choice of fifteen parties taking part in the contest. However, for the first time since the [read more]

Friday 13 Feb 2009

Kerim Yildiz and Saniye Karakas [Executive Director and Legal Assistant, Kurdish Human Rights Project]: "Although it represents a concerning violation of international human rights standards, the decision to convict and sentence Aysel Tugluk comes as no surprise, as recently amended anti-terror laws have been used as a sword of Damocles [read more]

Thursday 12 Feb 2009

Derek Humphry [President, Euthanasia Research and Guidance Organization]: "The controversy over the right to die of Eluana Englaro is really a battle over religious beliefs and secondarily about the law of Italy. The law is being used as a political football in a struggle for moral power by the Vatican [read more]

Wednesday 11 Feb 2009

Ken Connor [Chairman, Center for a Just Society]: "Eluana Englaro's tragic death by starvation and dehydration is yet another example of how the West is embracing a utilitarian view of life that is undermining human dignity. The standard of human worth is now "quality of life" rather than human equality. [read more]

Wednesday 11 Feb 2009

Sean Mariano Garcia [Advocate, Refugees International]: "The mistreatment of the Rohingya at home is increasingly impacting countries throughout Asia and a two-pronged approach is needed to adequately address their plight. First, Myanmar's neighbors should begin a dialogue to improve the lives of the Rohingya inside their homeland. This means moving [read more]

Monday 9 Feb 2009

Stephen Blanks [Secretary, NSW Council for Civil Liberties]: "Last week, Abdul Nacer Benbrika and 6 followers were sentenced in the Victorian Supreme Court, Melbourne, to terms of imprisonment ranging from 6 years to 15 years, for terrorism related offenses committed in 2004-2005. The offenses included belonging to and financially supporting [read more]

Sunday 8 Feb 2009

Amanda Martin [Director, Guatemala Human Rights Commission/USA]: "In April 2005, the United Nations Human Rights Commission adopted a set of international principles on reparations for victims of human rights violations. These include restitution, compensation, rehabilitation, satisfaction, and guarantees of non-repetition. Satisfaction includes a search for victims, identification of bodies and [read more]

Saturday 7 Feb 2009

Matt Belcher [Belcher Law Office, Chicago]: "As the "Governor Rod" story ends (for the time being) I wonder if "Citizen Rod" - the future "Defendant please rise Rod" - ever looks in the mirror and wonders how this all happened. It is a fascinating story - almost Chi-town Dostoevsky.The average [read more]

Monday 2 Feb 2009

Cheryl Hanna [Professor of Law, Vermont Law School]: "The Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Assault, along with seventeen other similar organizations from across the country, filed an amicus brief in Vermont v. Brillon to call to the Court's attention the impact the decision will have on victims of domestic [read more]

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